What is the Real Connection Between Dr. Oz and Acai Berry?

If you are wondering what the Dr. Oz acai berry connection really is, you're not alone. Recently, many companies which sell acai berry supplements have been using Oprah or Dr. Oz as celebrity endorsements. But if you know anything about celebrities, you know that they do not take their endorsements lightly. As many people have discovered, these endorsements are completely fabricated and based upon some very loose connections between celebrities and acai berry products.

What Do These Companies Claim?

Many of the questionable companies out there are claiming that Dr. Oz has personally endorsed his product. This is a flat out lie and any company claiming this should not get your business. Some companies may be a little sneakier about their claim. They may not directly say that their product is supported by Dr. Oz, but they may still use his image to claim the benefits of acai berry. Regardless of the length they go to in an attempt to get your business, any company that claims a link between Dr. Oz and acai berry products from their company are lying to you.

What is the Truth?

There is a connection between Dr. Oz and acai berry. However, it is not a connection to any specific product. Dr. Oz has touted the benefits of the acai berry and even recommended it as a supplement. He fully supports taking acai berry and backs the evidence that it is a very powerful super fruit worth your consideration. But there is no connection to any specific products and there likely never will be. If a company is trying to sell you a product with the recommendation of Dr. Oz, you can be assured they are doing it without his consent.

How Dr. Oz is Fighting Back

Don't think that Dr. Oz is not taking steps to remedy the problem. Harpo lawyers have been fighting to remove offending companies who are using Oprah and Dr. Oz's likeness to promote their product. Recently, many of the companies which had been claiming support from Dr. Oz have begun removing their celebrity endorsement claims. Those that were the most offensive have been disappearing all together.

One of the key lessons we can pick up from these updates in the acai berry industry is that we should never believe everything that is said. With such a hot product as acai berry, it is expected that many would like to cash in quick on this wonder supplement. But now that you know that there really is no Dr. Oz and acai berry link to a particular brand, do not do business with companies offering such blatantly misleading claims.