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Dietary Supplements for health

Many American's are relying on dietary supplements to supplement their diets and even to self treat illness and conditions. It is not he best option, but with so many people without insurance today people are turning to the supermarket shelf for help.

Use caution if planning to take a dietary supplement for any reason. The fact that they are easy to get and prescription is needed doe not make them safe. You can find supplements in many forms, liquid, tablet, powder and pills.

The FDA does regulate what dietary supplements can have on there labels, but not much else. The FDA tells them they are not allowed to sale unsafe products, but manufactures do not have to prove they are safe like with food and drugs.

That makes me a little uneasy about taking them and I would never recommend you take them with out first consulting a doctor. Even though they are sold without a prescription they can be harmful if not taken properly. And they can counteract with other medications and medical conditions.

Most people take dietary supplements to supplement their diet and to be healthier. They usually choose a multivitamin. Multivitamins typically have a wide range of vitamins in one capsule. They may also have added herbs or amino acids.

Never take more then the recommended dose of any dietary supplement. And always seek the advice of your medical provider. Even though you do not need a prescription for dietary supplements they can still be harmful and can not be taken if you have some medical conditions or take some medications.

Not all supplements are made the same. Manufacturing process differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. Some process may make them less effective then other process. You can find a lot of information by searching the internet.

Be sure to get a well balanced diet and some exercise in daily. If you are healthy you likely do not need any supplements. And I will say it again, always check with your healthcare provider if you are interested in taking a dietary supplement for any reason.