Under stress at work? Add daily Vitamins and Mineral

When we feel stress and are anxious over a new job, an old relationship, or even just the everyday conundrums we all face from time to time, it can be beneficial to the nerves to take some vitamins minerals and added supplements that have proven benefit for relief of stress and anxiety. By adding them to our daily diet we can be assured of eliminating those frayed nerves and feeling calm and self assured. While the stress relieving vitamins are not necessarily miracle workers you will be amazed at how effective they can be.

Commonly people worry to the point of becoming physically ill when faced with financial or personal problems beyond control. While popping a pill or two is the most popular way to cope, they can provide only a short term means of relief and many stress reducing sedatives can even become habit forming.

Magnesium and other natural ingredients relieve anxiety

Magnesium is one of the most effective natural ingredients to calm the nerves while relieving stress. Magnesium is a mineral that cannot be manufactured in the human body yet is extremely valuable to our kidneys, brain, heart, and nervous system functions. It aids in absorbing potassium and calcium which are vital to our bones and cells. Evidence of a lack in magnesium will show up as fatigue, tension, anxiety, overall muscle aches and soreness, heart problems, and grinding if the teeth. Vitamins minerals and supplements which include up to 800 mg of magnesium can be safely taken daily to help overcome those nervous symptoms.

Ginseng and brewer’s yeast are also important for nervousness

Ginseng and brewer’s yeast are a combination that has proven especially useful in treating nervous conditions including panic attacks. When taken along with that daily dosage of magnesium they are often labeled the stress vitamins because of their effectiveness in treating victims of anxiety and stressful conditions beyond their control. By ruling out some activities that can be eliminated or changed such as drinking either coffee or sodas that are caffeinated, taking corticosteroids or amphetamines people find their stress level and heart rate, chest pains, profuse sweating, etc. can be relieved and even eliminated by simply adding some vitamins minerals and supplements to their diet.