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Health Tips for Men


A recent research highlighted the alarming fact that more than 77 percent men included in the study admitted ignoring symptoms of unsound health over the last year. Despite the fact that doctors strongly recommend at least a (full medical) yearly checkup, more than 52 percent men also acknowledged ignoring a letter encouraging them to undergo a full medical examination. The study also brought to light the discouraging statistic that most men don’t have ample health coverage (i.e. they are not covered for life threatening illnesses) and will be left without any suitable option should they fall critically ill. Keeping in view the above mentioned statistics, it is important for men to be careful about their health especially since studies also show that a higher percentage of men are likely to ignore medical problems and take health related risks. Following are some general tips that will assist you in living a long and healthy life;

  • Although it is easier said than done in the fast paced life of today, try to eat at least five portions of vegetables and fruits everyday and cut down on unhealthy, oily, fattening and salty snacks. It is also a better idea to eat small portions of healthy foods at regular intervals than having three upsized meals full of calories and cholesterol.
  • The percentage of alcoholics in the total population has increased steadily over the years. Thus, it is vital to be very careful about your drinking habits if you want to live a long and healthy life. Drink alcoholic beverages is moderation and try to set aside two days of the week on which you will not touch alcohol. Do not drink more than three to four units everyday as prescribed by doctors. Also avoid driving under the influence of alcohol at all costs.
  • Adopt a regular workout routine suited to your health needs and make it habitual to engage yourself in a physical activity for at least twenty minutes to a half an hour everyday. It is important that you enjoy your workout routine rather than do it as a mundane chore.
  • As mentioned above, doctors recommend having at least a yearly medical examination for everyone above eighteen years of age. This frequency increases if you have any (complex) medical conditions. Do not ignore symptoms of unsound health or injury and consult a specialist.
  • Also consider investing in critical health insurance or a comprehensive health insurance program. This is your safest bet to a proper diagnosis and treatment should you fall critically ill at any stage of your life. Thus, the importance of a comprehensive health insurance program can never be undermined. Keep in mind your medical history as well as your family’s medical history when investing in a health insurance program.