Why the Acai Berry is Great for Physically Active People with Food Intolerance

As we get older, people seem to have delayed reactions to various foods and beverages. Even food additives can contribute to food intolerance. If you haven't heard about this before, it's simply the way your organs and body are affected by foods. Even though this can be irritating, it has no direct relation to the immune system. When you're having a problem like this, it's because your body doesn't have the enzymes and chemicals to digest food properly. Then again, it could be because of the chemicals in the food as well. Whatever the case may be, it's still different from having a food allergy.

Unfortunately with food intolerance you will experience several symptoms along the way, like:

Abdominal Pains Asthma Arthritis Bloating Constipation Chronic Fatigue Symptoms Diarrhea Eczema Fatigue IBS Fluid Retention Headaches Lethargy M.E. Migraine or Nausea Rashes Restless Leg Syndrome Rhinitis or Sinusitis Skin Problems Stomach Cramps and Tension Urticaria Weight Loss Wheezing

A lot of these symptoms really can disturb the daily lives of people, especially when they are the physically active type or athletes for that matter. But if you truly are an active person and suffering from food intolerance and want to get rid of it then it might help you to try the super food called Acai berry.

Due to its popularity, you can now find the actual fruit in many grocery stores around America. However, getting the same benefits you would from ones pulled right from the top of a palm tree is a lot different. There is so much that happens before they reach the states, that you truly don't know what you're putting in your body. However, that chocolate flavor with mixed berry taste is to die for every time. Best of all you'll find so many different vitamins and minerals within the Acai berry, that you will be able to build energy and stamina.

Above all else, the Acai berry is well known for its large source of anti-oxidants. It's believed to have 10 times the amount as blueberries, and even more than thirty times as much as red wine. So if you're looking for something that delivers a healthy dose of vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbs, healthy fats, you don't need to look any further.

For active people suffering from food intolerance, the berry is a good addition to their diets because it is rich in fiber. Food intolerance is a problem of digestion and having a lot of fiber helps alleviate it. Then the Omega 6 and 9 helps lower bad cholesterol and maintains good cholesterol while fatty acids helps in the absorption of fat soluble vitamins like Vitamins A E, D and K.

Aside from these benefits it has also been known that athletes prefer Acai berry because it is much healthier than blueberries, pomegranate and eggs. The berry has even become a natural alternative to protein bars and shakes as it can provide active people with energy and longer stamina. Athletes also use the berry to help cure digestion problems, arthritis, inflammation, skin conditions and immunity.

What it comes down to is if you're an active person and dealing with food intolerance, then maybe it's time to make a switch. Not only will it alleviate the problems over time, you'll be able to enjoy your life to the fullest.