The Health Advantages Of Colloidal Silver Treatment

There are many dietary supplements on the internet that provide great benefits to your health. Some of them are made from natural components while others are made of chemicals and other man made constituents. Actually, one of these dietary complements is silver colloid. This product is widely marketed around the world by many online and offline health shops.

This component is an alternative medicine product that offers great benefits for people's health. However, it is necessary to get directly to the real facts that prove the effectiveness of such products in a person's health. Colloidal silver can be defined as a dietary complement which contains microscopic silver particles suspended in distilled water. Such nano particles of silver provide great benefits for the body. In this respect, this is widely reported as an active bactericidal component that serves as an antimicrobial to prevent different infections.

Studies made by the Albert Einstein College of Medicine of New York, stated that harmful micro-organisms present in the blood may be altered and eliminated by putting a small current (50 to 100 microamperes) in the blood. Such elimination of harmful constituents in the blood can probably be achieved by the interaction of an orally consumed component such as colloidal silver. In this case, this component is consumed orally to activate blood purification and remove harmful agents in the blood such as bacteria, germs, pathogens, microbes and possibly viruses.

Moreover, it is reported that colloidal silver can be used to treat some terminal diseases such as cancer and AIDS. For instance, patients with the HIV symptoms may opt for this treatment to prevent future opportunistic infections and control the onset of the AIDS stage. Here, it is said that the particles of silver attack and alter the Aids infections in the blood. Bacteria suppressed and are not allowed to attack the body cells so that the body resistance is increased. This active silver component serves as an antibiotic to prevent infections and assist the correct functioning of the immunity system.

This dietary supplement has been used to treat different infections in the body. For instance, small particles of silver were used in medical dressings to treat burn wounded skin. This offered great results since the nano particles of silver worked as an antibacterial agent. Moreover, this has been used in medical appliances such as urinary catheters. Here, the catheters had a concentration of colloidal silver that prevented urinary track infections. This component was also used as an antiseptic in medical supplies such as eyedrops, creams, and wound dressing. In order to guarantee the effectiveness of colloidal silver, it is necessary to buy a product that provides very small particles of silver preferably on a nano scale. This can be determined by the specifications in the literature that should come with the product. It is essential to get this health supplement from suppliers that have good feedback from customers and good product specifications.