Can Colloidal Silver Help Aids?

In general terms, colloidal silver is an alternative health product that has great antibacterial properties. This is a widely reported bactericide material that is able to neutralize and eliminate bacteria that causes serious diseases. This product contains only distilled sterile water and microscopic silver particles sometimes referred to as nano particles.

In'90, studies from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City have shown important facts that colloidal silver can be used to control disease. In this case, such studies state that all diseases caused by viruses, bacteria, microbes, germs, pathogens, and parasites, can be controlled by electrification of the blood. Moreover, they stated that if a 50 to 100 microamperes current is put in the blood system, viruses and bacteria are altered and unable to reproduce. Then, these viruses are eliminated from in the blood through the kidneys, liver, and lymph. Colloidal silver may help to achieve similar blood purification and control disease.

In the case of AIDS, colloidal silver attacks the bacteria and stops them from colonizing in the body cells. This product can be used in order to help the body cope with a wide variety of different infections. Given that the body has low resistance to infection, the supplement supports the body's own immunological system to prevent the further development of AIDS or at least maintain it in a steady state. There are some other studies that prove the benefits of silver to prevent other sicknesses. In vitro studies have demonstrated the antibacterial effects on the skin for burn wounds. In 2007, Atiych et al used silver sulfadiazine to treat skin burns. These studies stated that silver performed as a powerful antibacterial agent to treat infections, speed up wound healing, and prevent infections.

Furthermore, colloidal silver has been used in the actual dressings for burn wounds to control infection. Here, the silk in the bandage contained nano-crystalline silver that prevented infections and hastened the skin healing process. Silver has also been used in medical appliances such as urinary catheters to prevent urinary infections.

This product is currently being marketed as a dietary supplement to prevent some of the most common diseases. According to Henry Magraf, colloidal silver is conceived as a germ fighter that can prevent and treat different problems such as ear infections, staph infections, intestinal infections, leukemia, conjunctivitis and possibly herpes, sinus infections, and gingivitis. Moreover, colloidal silver is used to purify water, preserve beverages, and used in external preparations such as antiseptics. People can get colloidal silver from different online suppliers to treat various diseases and infections. It is always advisable to get colloidal silver from recognized suppliers that offer high-quality supplements to yield the best results.