Discover the Great Benefits of Colloidal Silver (or Silver Colloid)

In general terms, colloidal silver refers to the microscopic particles of silver suspended in distilled water. Such particles are electrically charged in pure water and have special properties that make it effective foro treating bacterial and fungal infections; and in some cases , reportedly viruses, and other problems. Actually, this product is normally marketed as a dietary supplement that enhances the immune system of the body. This is a bioactive material that in certain concentrations can neutralize and kill bacteria. The product is intended as an immune booster to treat and prevent many infections including cold and flu symptoms. It is also used externally to speed wound healing such as burn and skin infections since it is proven to destroy bacteria and other harmful infection.

Some other uses for colloidal silver include drops to prevent eye infections such as conjunctivitis. Silver and its compounds have been widely used in dressings burn wounds to prevent bacteria and post infections. Dressings containing nano-particles of silver provide antimicrobial activity when used on skin damaged by trauma such as burns, scratches, and wounds. According to Atiych et al (2007), silver sulfadiazine can be a powerful antibacterial agent to treat burn wound injuries. This product has also been used in urinary catheters in order to prevent urinary tract infections.

Studies made by the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City in the spring of'90, determined that viruses, microbes, germs, pathogens, parasites, and bacteria, could be controlled completely by electrification of the blood. Moreover, they stated that a very small current from 50 to 100 microamperes in the blood system may alter and kill all viruses and bacteria that cause some of the most common diseases including HIV. In this respect, it may be that colloidal silver achieves such blood electrification via the charged. Microscopic particles of silver present in colloidal silver. There are many theories as to how the silver works, but as yet there is no consensus concerning the mechanisms that make silver such an effective bactericide

Colloidal silver has been used by many different researchers and medical groups as a germ fighter to treat and prevent some of the most common diseases such as gonorrheal infections, gingivitis, herpes, intestinal infections, HIV, sinus infections, staph infections, food poisoning, and even leukemia, with some reported exceptional results and benefits. In this respect, in vitro studies have shown that the anti-bacterial benefits of colloidal silver can be widely applied to most bacterial, fungal and some viral infections.

One of the main areas of interest is its implementation for treatments of serious diseases such as HIV. In this case, it is said that it assists the body during the later stages of HIV when AIDS overtakes the immune system. The body is no longer able to fight off. even the most common opportunistic infections, leading to a steady and usually irreversible deteriation and death. Nowadays, this product is offered in many different health shops. It is widely marketed around the world as a dietary supplement. In order to ensure high quality product, it is essential to use only competent distributors.