Silver Colloid – Why Is It Useful?

Colloidal silver is a dietary supplement that is being widely marketed around the world. This product simply refers to pure water containing minute particles of silver that are electrically charged. This is also considered an alternative health product that assists the immune system to deal with antimicrobial activity in the body.

The colloidal silver enhances the body immune system so that it can be used to prevent a lot of diseases that are caused by different external factors such as bacteria, germs, parasites, pathogens and in some cases viruses. Some other uses for this product include skin wound healing, infection treatments, water purifiers, and beverage preservers. For many years, silver has been used to treat external infections and wounds such as burns, scratches, and wounds in general. Moreover, nano crystalline silver has been used in medical dressing for burn wound treatment. Other things like urinary catheters have colloidal silver as an effective antibacterial to prevent urinary infections. Also, this product has been used in eyedrops to prevent infections like conjunctivitis.

Actually, this product has gained importance since it has been shown that it has antibacterial properties that can be used for different diseases. This product is now conceived as a germ fighter and neutralizer that may be able to be used for different diseases such as leukemia, HIV, staph infections, intestinal infections, and viral infections. In'90, studies from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City stated that all diseases caused by bacteria, microbes, germs, pathogens, parasites, and viruses, could be completely controlled and eliminated by electrification of the blood. They stated that a small current of energy (50 to 100 microamperes) could alter, neutralize, and eliminate these viruses. Then, those agents could be expelled through the kidneys, liver, and lymph.

This product has been widely researched to try and get a remedy and treatment for viruses such as HIV. When silver is present in the blood, it is thought that the HIV virus is not allowed to attach to body cells and reproduce. In any event, this is a good option for HIV patients that have low resistance to other infection. Because, in this case, colloidal silver may well be effective in controlling the serious infections arising during the fatal development stage of AIDS.

Colloidal silver is broadly marketed as a dietary supplement. People can get this product to enhance their immune system and help with future bacterial infections such as MRSA (staph) and fungal diseases and possibly viruses, cancer, leukemia. Consumption of this product may vary depending on the person and the severity of the infection. It is normally sold in colored bottles and does not require refrigeration or any special storage; it has a long shelf life. In order to get high-quality products, people have to purchase them from proved sources only.