Natural Treatment of Hemorrhoids

Having a problem with hemorrhoids, why not try some natural treatments to help speed up the process a bit. Getting rid of the swelling and pain is a great part of the battle when it comes to hemorrhoids. Of course many people just want it to end, but they don't want to go out to the doctor.

Many herbs have been shown to help out with hemorrhoid natural treatment. Finding a cream or suppository that contains witch hazel would be a perfect start to ending your pain. Not only will this suppository or cream help out with pain, it will also help cut down on the swelling and heal up the hemorrhoid. That's the difference between a cream with witch hazel and one without.

Try either a tea or a pill of Horse chestnut or Butcher's broom. Both herbs have shown promise when it comes to helping with swelling caused by hemorrhoids. Get them and stock up at home so that when you start to experience pain while having a bowel movement you can start the process early. If you don't like the taste of the tea, the pills may smell a bit, but they shouldn't have a taste.

To help keep the hurting area clean and fresh, you should sit in a bath tub full of warm water. It will feel rather soothing, and will take away the pain if only for a bit. Something that is important to those who suffer from this problem.

Adding in some fiber to your diet will help out with hemorrhoids too. Not only will it help with your current problem. But permanently adding in fiber to your diet may well help you to avoid having hemorrhoids again or near as often at least.

Moving around more when you have hemorrhoids is a way in which your body will feel better. After all in many cases it's going to hurt you a lot to sit down. Exercise will help to loosen up the bowels a bit more and hopefully help in the process of getting rid of those hemorrhoids sooner.

Finding the right hemorrhoid natural treatment may have you combining a few of these ideas. Don't worry they will all work together in the process of ending your pain a bit quicker than what you may have had normally.