Is There Really An Acai Berry Diet Plan?

If you have been watching television of following health food news, you have no doubt heard of the acai berry diet plan. From popular talk shows to news segments, this little fruit has really made some headlines, but not always for good reasons. Essentially, these diets are weight loss plans which utilizes the acai berry, a newcomer to the American supplement market. You may have heard some pretty wild claims as well. Some acai berry diet plans lead you to think that you will shed huge amounts of fat by doing nothing more than consuming their product. But is this acai berry really a miracle fruit or are companies simply capitalizing on American ignorance about the acai berry?

What Acai Berry Diet Plans Promise

It may seem pretty bold, but there are some companies claiming their acai berry product will cause you to burn fat without any change in your current diet or exercise program. Some may include fine print which also recommends regular exercise and a healthy diet, but for the most part they pin the weight loss on compounds in the acai berry itself. Weight loss is the primary claim from many of these companies, but some will go so far as to say their plan will increase your metabolism and your sex drive and can even help reverse the signs of aging. So how much of this is true?

What You Will Really Get

Most importantly, you certainly should not expect to lose weight without proper diet and exercise. While the acai berry is an extremely healthy food and there are many benefits to taking a pure supplement, there is nothing about an acai berry diet plan which will cause you to lose weight without diet and exercise. If you do take an acai berry supplement and you start losing weight, you should consider checking the label for any additional ingredients. It is not normal to lose weight purely because of an acai berry supplement and you want to make sure there isn't something else in your product causing your weight loss. Additionally, if a company is willing to make false weight loss claims, they may be selling you an inferior product as well. It may be spray-dried or have processed seed in the product as well. You may have heard that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. The same applies for acai berry diet plans.

What Drives Companies to Deceive

Some companies are more than willing to stretch the truth if it will make them a quick buck. Weight loss is a multi-billion dollar industry and some companies are looking to get a piece of that money even at the risk of losing their credibility. Make sure you understand what the acai berry really is before you get into the supplements. Knowledge is the best way to avoid being scammed by an acai berry diet plan.