L Glutamine Supplement

Glutamine is a popular supplement. It is an amino acid that provides a vital task in the body. It makes up more than 50% of the proteins in the body. It fights free-radicals and aids the brain and the digestive system.

And the good news is, it exists in abundance in our bodies. However, during times when we tax our bodies' physical limits and experience a high level of stress, the glutamine produced is not able to supply the bodies' need for it. It's best to supplement it to avail of all its benefits.

This is very popular among athletes and body builders. These are the people who are known for their intense physical activities. These exertions cause the depletion in vital nutrients as well as a compromised immune system. Thus, if left unchecked, these people are more susceptible to sickness and infection. Recovery time is also lengthened because the immune system is less able to fight against disease.

Another risk is that they are prone to muscle loss. With supplementation, these two risks are prevented. Both the immune system and the muscles take a helpful boost from the infusion of glutamine through supplementation. Those recovering from illness and surgery are also advised to take this aminoacid. The body tries to recover from trauma such as these by producing cortisol, a hormone that aids in healing. Cortisol uses up glutamine as it does its work ,so it's good to provide the body with more of this, through supplements.

This wonder aminoacid also helps you lose weight. Oftentimes, the culprit would be the cravings for sweet and fattening foods that you just can't resist. It helps you control your cravings so that slowly but surely, you lose weight the healthier way. And the weight you lose will comprise mostly of fat and not muscle.

It also regulates the presence of acids and alkalines in our body and make sure that there is a healthy balance between the two. Blood sugar is also kept at healthy levels.