How Do You Identify Acai Scams?

There's no denying how the acai berry has dominated the American market which is why acai scams have been very common. While the Brazilian fruit itself is an undeniably healthy food that can provide the body with a lot of nutrients, the scams associated with it make people think twice before trying it. And with good reason. Opportunists are using the high demand for acai and take it as a chance to lure unwary customers and get as much money as they can. There are still many legitimate companies out there but it's best to always be cautious. Keep some of these tips in mind to keep yourself guarded all the time.

Free Samples

If any website or company attempts to entice you with a free acai berry trial offer, that should be fair warning for you to turn your back completely on that promoter. Scams often work that way; giving you free samples while requesting for your personal and financial information, purportedly in the guise of needing it for shipping purposes. While the product itself may be free, these companies can still charge you in other unexpected ways, like for instance newsletter subscriptions or continued shipments for acai you may not even be aware of. More often than not, the information is available in very fine, unreadable print within the website.

Where Did They Go?

Most bogus acai companies disappear in a snap. Given this, be very careful when transacting with new companies. While acai berry remains a new product in the supplement market, choose a company which has been doing business for a longer period of time, preferably for as long as acai has been around. You'll find yourself in a more comfortable pace when dealing with companies which have been selling acai supplements for some time already. There may be newer companies with clean intentions but if you can't be sure, just go for established ones. Always take time to research on the company before signing up for any deal. Make sure you spend your money wisely.

Do Your Research, Protect Yourself

One of the best things you can do to avoid a scam is to know everything you can about the company and the product they sell. For starters, if you have any trouble figuring out where the company is based or how to get a hold of them, you may want to think twice about giving them your business. You also need to know that the only acai berry product you should buy is freeze dried, pure, organic acai berry. This is a healthy food after all, you don't want a product that has been spray dried with sugars or has added flavors or ingredients. Only the pure stuff is going to give you all the nutrition you want without the extra fluff.

As long as you stay with companies who are transparent about their background and the products that they sell, you should be able to veer away from scammers. Don't get yourself fooled by a company's dramatic claim for weight loss or one that offers a month's free trial. Keep yourself guarded all the time. Know how to detect acai scams from those which are not.