Effective Colloidal Silver Treatments

Colloidal silver has been reported as having a lot of medical uses, as the high silver concentration that goes into its making effectively kills off bacteria and keeps wounds germ free. It is a kind of disinfectant as well as an antiseptic.

Some of the widely known colloidal silver treatments have been listed below:

1) Patients suffering from massive external injuries can use colloidal silver on their wounds so that they do not get infected by germs which can lead to complications.

2) Colloidal silver has also been sometimes called a secondary immune system of the body. Ingesting it helps you ward off infections which make their way into your body. It seems to have the unique property of not reacting with any of the normal cells in your body and only to be effective against outside infections.

3) Another colloidal silver treatment is for controlling opportunistic infections occurring during AIDS and seems to enhance the immune system which is threatened when one is suffering from this disease. This helps to prolong the life of an AIDS victim to a large extent. Colloidal silver is being used as a new antibiotic that can bring about a revolution in AIDS treatment. But, this is only possible once all the requisite tests have been conducted and it has been proven that there are absolutely no side effects.

4) It is a healing agent and can cure minor illnesses like flus, coughs, colds, fevers at a very fast rate by effectively killing off bacteria in the body.

5) Parasites can be successfully gotten rid off by using colloidal silver. The eggs of a mosquito are said to have been killed in less than six minutes by using colloidal silver.

6) Fatal diseases like cancer have been reported as being cured or stabilised by a high concentration of colloidal silver in the treatments that the patient is undergoing.

7) Silver has a unique ability of killing all kinds of fungi, viruses and bacteria present in the body without affecting or harming the tissue surrounding them in any way. It recognises the pathogens in the body and only concentrates on killing them.

8) Colloidal silver can be used as a preventative substance as it kills bacteria or viruses before they have a chance to attack the body. So, it can prevent infection or a disease happening even before they occur by acting as a first barrier before the infection has a chance to attack your body.

9) When it is applied externally in the prescribed manner, it also helps reduce burn damage and control infection during the recovery period.
10) Other popular colloidal silver treatments include its effectiveness against conditions like dandruff, arthritis, conjunctivitis, herpes, hepatitis, prostate infection, pneumonia, gastro-enteritis, diphtheria, eczema, diabetes, bladder infection, athlete's foot, blood poisoning, burns, malaria, leukaemia, shingles, scarlet fever, yeast infections, streptococcal, ulcers, indigestion, hayfever, gonorrhoea, etc.

The highly reported uses for colloidal silver make it a coveted and much used substance in the area of alternative treatments in health and medicine.