Colloidal Silver Countless Benefits

Colloidal silver has had a wide variety of uses since time immemorial. The Phoenicians were known to store water, wine, vinegar in bottles made up of silver which kept them from going mouldy from bacteria and kept them fit for consumption for long periods of time. Water kept in colloidal silver containers is also known to absorb some of its medicinal and healing properties. Drinking this water after charging it up in silver containers is said to be very useful for your health. In the early period of the 1900s, milk was stores in bottles containing colloidal silver so that it remained fresh for a longer period of time.

When silver is dissolved normally by the process of electrolysis, it is used as a disinfectant for water. During the Russian space mission, colloidal silver was used to keep water fresh and clean for the astronauts in the Mir orbital station and the International Space Station. In some developing countries, the World Health Organisation uses colloidal silver that has been dissolved in water by the special process of electrolysis by using silver electrodes in water in water filters to provide clean drinking water to the people that is predominantly free from bacteria, fungi and viruses. A filtration system which uses ceramic and silver as one of its main constituents also helps provide fresh water.

In ancient times, and indeed up to the present day, when there were no effective antibiotics, colloidal silver was used in eye drops for treating conjunctivitis among children. It was said to be a highly effective treatment against this disease. In the field of dermatology, corns and warns are treated by using silver in a solid stick form.

A lot of wound dressings include colloidal silver in their making as it keeps bacteria at bay and kills off harmful viruses and fungi that may cause serious infections and complications on the wound site. Many of these wound dressings are scientifically known to be effective and have been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration. It is a completely safe product without and negative effects.

A combination of silver and alginate, which is a polymer that occurs naturally are specially designed to cure victims of burns and speed up the healing process. There are certain kinds of bacteria such as MRSA, that have now become resistant to bacteria. Colloidal silver has a very high success rate in such cases.

Colloidal silver have been reported as being extremely useful in treatments of cancer when other conventional forms of treatment like chemotherapy, etc fail to show results. They have a high success rate and help in reducing the cancer cells in the body. They also speed up the regeneration of old, worn out cells and speed up your healing process and recovery. A lot of machines and equipment used in hospitals like ventilators and catheters often use colloidal silver as one of their constituents. They are also used to disinfect fabrics in the hospitals so as to reduce the chances of any kind of infection to the patients recovering from diseases. Colloidal silver certainly has been widely reported by individuals and medical researches as being exceptionally effective and most surprisingly in many cases where other treatments have failed.