Medical Properties Of Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver is a unique substance which is highly reactive and can kill bacteria effectively if it present in adequate concentration. When a person suffers from external injuries, colloidal silver also helps to heal the wounds and keeps the surface of the skin completely clean and free from bacteria that may possibly infect the wound. Colloidal silver is increasingly being used as an alternative cure for certain diseases against which antibiotics may not be effective any more due to strong drug resistant strains of bacteria which have developed during the past years - such as MRSA. Some of the diseases that colloidal silver is said to be effective against are HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, Herpes and diabetes. It is also used in many implants and prosthetics such as bone plates, tracheotomy tubes, pins and splints.

Many doctors and surgeons use dressings on wounds containing colloidal silver or silver nano particles, silver sulfadiazine, etc. These treatments are very effective for difficult bacterial infections like Methicillin resistant MRSA and kill off any such bacteria that may come into contact with the wound site. Substances that have colloidal silver in them are also used in a lot of procedures which are performed in hospitals. Some of the areas in the hospital where colloidal silver is include the following:

1) Colloidal silver is widely used in all kinds of applications which require disinfecting and cleaning.

2) It is used in endotracheal breathing tubes as well as urinary catheters. The presence of colloidal silver in these devices helps to reduce the incidence of bacteria in the case of catheters and pneumonia and other similar infections that may occur with throat surgery , especially tracheotomies and ventilator procedures.

3) Colloidal silver finds application in prostheses of bones, cardiac devices and also reconstructive orthopaedic surgeries.

4) Colloidal silver is used to keep the hospital bedspreads and other fabrics clean. The high silver content helps to make sure that all fabrics that it comes in contact with are completely sanitized.

5) Silver has properties that help healing and warding off diseases which makes it an important element in all kinds of treatments.

6) It finds many uses as a wide spectrum antimicrobial agent and does not let harmful bacteria flourish.

7) From ancient times, colloidal silver or silver salts have been used in eye drops and successfully got rid of conjunctivitis in babies.

8) In the area of dermatology, colloidal silver is used to treat skin ailments such as warts or corns.

9) Silver, especially colloidal silver and nano particle silver is extensively reported as being effective against drug resistant strains of bacteria that have recently become so prevalent especially in hospital environments, for example the spread of MRSA in hospitals.

Although colloidal silver is widely reported by academics and medical institutions as having exceptional properties, especially for bacterial infections, it still isn't used as much as perhaps it should be. There are so many indications of its effectiveness as a wide ranging cure and preventative. This may be because all the possible negative or side effects are still under debate, and it has not been shown whether it is completely safe to use, to the satisfaction of any approving authority. Moreover, colloidal silver has never been scientifically proven without doubt to be effective in curing infection. I feel this is mainly due to lack of funding in the area that would be required to conduct full clinical evaluation, and not because there has been any such full evaluation that has shown adverse clinical results. Conventional antibiotics are said to be much safer as compared to the use of colloidal silver. Currently, all medical authorities, hospitals and publications advise patients not to use colloidal silver.

My own view would be that if I was faced with a probable and in many cases inevitable and immediate life threatening infection, like MRSA or Ecoli , when all other medicines, drugs and treatment have been found to be ineffectual , then I would not be too concerned about any this .