Cellmass: Creatine With A Boost

BSN Cellmass is an award-winning product with a stellar reputation as one of the best creatine supplements available, providing a rapid increase in strength and endurance during workouts.

A naturally-occurring amino acid found in red meat, creatine helps energy in the blood to be transferred into the muscles, thereby decreasing muscle fatigue and increasing recovery. Working out depletes the body's creatine supply. Insufficient creatine means your body takes longer to recover from workouts. Without replenishing creatine right after working out, muscles can take much longer to recover thereby hampering future workouts.

Before the development of Cellmass, creatine supplements were poorly absorbed and required large dosages. Cellmass is a creatine breakthrough that's quickly absorbed into muscle tissue, requires smaller doses, and doesn't cause bloating, water retention, or weight gain.

Cellmass also tastes better than other mixes, and contains no fat or sugar. Unlike other creatine products, it requires much smaller doses of creatine, and there are no large, uncomfortable tablets to swallow.

Satisfied users have commented on how strong they feel while training after starting to use Cellmass. The efficacy of creatine formulations in building muscle mass, size, strength, and hardness, while increasing workout performance and recovery time, are well documented. Cellmass is absorbed immediately, so you'll feel a noticeable difference in strength and endurance the first time you take it.

Within a month, you can see as much as a 300% increase in muscle mass and noticeable increase in strength and endurance. Within ten weeks, you can create up to 10 pounds of new muscle mass. Users also comment on a lack of muscle pain even after exceptionally strenuous and intense workouts.

Another advantage of Cellmass is that, because there is no loading phase, you don't have to interrupt your regular workout routine. Previous creatine formulations required users to use the product for as many as five days before resuming workouts.

Cellmass may be especially helpful for those with conditions such as muscular dystrophy, Huntington's Disease, and Parkinson's Disease, which cause muscle weakness. It may also be used to help the recovery and maintenance of muscle mass in victims of injury and surgery.