Wonderful Creative Protein Shake Recipes To Make Your Day

People are paying more attention to what they eat and how they live. Exercise routines that really push a person are often part and parcel of everyone's daily schedule. However, some people find that instead of getting stronger, bigger muscles, they are experiencing muscle depletion. Adding protein to their diet sometimes is difficult and that's where creative protein shake recipes come in.

One top and competition winning shake recipe is the Chocolate Mint Super Shake. Take one quarter of a cup of water, five ice cubes, and one scoop of chocolate flavoured milk protein isolate or MPI/Casein. Add one third of a cup of cottage cheese, two teaspoons of ground flax seeds, twenty-five grams of pecans, a taste of cocoa, and two or three drops of mint extract. Together, this makes a great shake!

Creativity can keep people on a healthy path more than a strict diet and exercise routine. The more someone gets bored with their lifestyle changes, the more likely they are to fall back on bad eating and exercise habits. Creative exercises and food can keep people interested. The variety offered by different protein shake recipes makes taking protein easy, and it's such an important part of a good workout routine.

Another great recipe for a protein shake is to use a cup of frozen blueberries, a quarter of a cup of vanilla yogurt, and one to two scoops of vanilla flavoured low-carb meal replacement protein. Add a teaspoon of ground flax seeds, a quarter of a cup of whole oats, and a quarter of a cup of crushed graham crackers. Together, this is called a Blueberry Pie. Add cold water as needed to keep it liquid.

The vitamins and minerals found in fruit and vegetables are especially important in being healthy. It's not hard to add fruit to a protein shake and turn it into a fruity beverage that is more palatable than a typical chocolate or vanilla shake. Many protein shake recipes just ask you to add fresh fruit to ice cubes and powder, perhaps with a bit of cream, to make the shakes tastier. Frozen fruit makes a shake even thicker, adding a variety of texture as well as taste.

Protein shake recipes don't always come as shakes. Protein powder can be added to cooked oatmeal, a single scoop per serving, for a change from liquid food. Also, consider taking protein shake mix as a pudding shot. Mix a scoop of protein powder with two tablespoons of fat free sugar free pudding mix, an ounce of ice water and allow it to thicken so you can eat it with a spoon. This will add around fifty calories to your usual shake, and six grams of carbohydrates, so keep that in mind while recording your food intake for the day.

Any of the protein shake recipes you find will be adding more than just protein to your diet, given the fruit and dairy that is usually involved. Protein shake recipes can be fanciful as well as thicker than a typical shake. Consider making your favourite powder into peanut butter balls. In a single bowl, mix half a cup of all natural creamy peanut butter with a quarter of a cup of honey, and one and a half scoops of vanilla protein powder. Roll the mixture into one inch balls, then set them in the refrigerator to chill. Remember that these will have a higher fat content than a protein shake on its own.

It's possible to create your own protein shake recipes with your favourite foods. The important thing is to add protein as well as variety to your diet, to keep you from getting bored as well as make sure that your muscles grow instead of shrink. Repairing muscle tissues after a workout is important, and so is a tasty treat or reward. Protein shakes, with the right ingredients of your choice, can help!

Protein shake recipes work well at turning boring protein shakes into something appetizing that you look forward to taking. Creativity is essential in helping anyone maintain a new lifestyle change, moving from bad eating habits to healthy ones. Protein shakes are important to strong and tough workouts as well, as they help prevent muscle depletion and help repair muscle tissues. In the end, remember that it's your stomach that has to handle what ever you add to your shakes. Don't be afraid to create a new recipe all your own!