What the Green Tea Diet Can Do for You

I have been taking the green tea diet for over three months now and I can tell you that I am very pleased with the results. I was able to get green tea weight loss at a rapid rate that it shocked everyone I knew and got them jealous as well. Maintaining the weight was easy as well. It did not work like the old fat burner products that I tried where I got minimal weight loss but the old weight somehow keeps coming back.

My Green Tea Diet At first I was very confused about the right dosage. How much green tea should I really take? I have heard others say to take at least five cups per day while others would say that I would need to take ten cups daily in order to get the maximum benefits of the green tea diet. That sounded too much and that would be too difficult for me to achieve as I was the type who is not fond of drinking too much water or anything liquid.

The antioxidants that you also get with the green tea diet allow your body to detoxify as well. Getting rid of all the harmful toxins in the body helps your digestive system function smoothly. This helps maintaining your figure easier and would help give a boost in your metabolism as well. As you can see, green tea is not only a fat burner but it also helps you stay healthy and live a longer life by improving the way the systems in your body functions and giving a boost to your immune system.

As you may have noticed, Asians are very fond of this green tea diet. They make it a habit to drink more than five cups of green tea each day. Their slender frames can attest to the effectiveness of the diet. The oldest living humans on earth are Asians as well. They have a higher life expectancy rate than most of us due to the fact that the green tea can fight off the signs of aging.

The green tea diet is not only about losing weight but it helps with detoxification as well. It helps get rid of the free radicals and the harmful toxins in my body. Indeed I rarely got sick ever since I started taking green tea regularly.

If you are not fond of drinking too much liquid, I understand that this could be very difficult to achieve. This can be hard as well especially if you are still continuing your usual diet. But I think that you do not really have to drink a large amount of green tea. You can still be under a green tea diet when you drink a cup before and after every meal. This will help you be full and control any hunger cravings.