What Part Should Weight Loss Supplements Play in the Fight Against the Bulge?

One of the most widely held myths in weight loss circles seems to be the idea that one can, through the use of the various popular weight loss supplements - actually attain real and sustainable weight loss; that is, without any further exertion or pain on their part. Obviously, this myth which is seemingly fueled by the makers and vendors of the various weight loss supplements plays on the basic tenet in human nature of always wanting to follow the path of least resistance, and attain goals with the least application of effort.

Yet even as their name suggest, weight loss supplements are supposed to only play a supplementary role in the weight loss process, where to supplement means 'to give a helping hand.' But what, someone might ask, are the weight loss supplement supposed to give a 'helping hand' to in the weight loss process?

And indeed, as most of us remember from our elementary science classes, proper diet and exercise are the real keys to weight loss, to which the weight loss supplements should play a supplementary role; which is contrary to the view presented by some makers of these weight loss supplement that you can actually lose weight in a healthy way and sustainably through the use of the weight loss supplements only.

The truth of the matter is that if one wants to really lose weight, they first need to ensure that they are not sabotaging themselves by taking food that makes the weight problem worse - which, coincidentally, tends to be the most attractive food. And to really lose weight sustainably and in a healthy way, one has to ensure that they only eat enough food to 'power' their bodily operations - which means only eating when one is hungry and stopping to eat once one is full.

The term proper exercise as used in the weight loss context, on the other hand, refers to getting enough physical activity to burn up any extra fat that your body could be storing up, even as you attempt to control your eating habits.

So it is to these two measures - proper diet and proper exercise - that the weight loss supplements are supposed to give a 'helping hand' so that excess fat that one may have accumulated over the years as a result of poor dietary practices and lack of physical exercise, and which are proving hard to shed off even after changing one's lifestyle are gotten rid of. This is to say that you cannot attain real sustainable weight loss using supplements only, as the supplements can only play a supplementary role to diet and exercise as the primary keys to real weight loss.