Doctor Oz and Acai Berry

Dr. Oz is known for his compassion as well as his medical brilliance. He is renowned for his great talent as one of the most talented cardiac surgeons of our times. He was born in America from Turkish born parents, and he great values his Turkish roots. After being featured many times on the Oprah Winfrey show Dr. Oz and his praise of the acai berry has created quite a stir. Dr. Oz and Acai berry are often said together in one sentence.

The Turkish people have enjoyed a very healthy diet of grains and produce, and this was a big help as they seem to be genetically predisposed to high cholesterol. Unfortunately their diets have been infected by fatty meats, processed foods and white sugar. Dr. Oz is working on getting the Turkish people back on track to a healthier diet.

Dr. Oz as well as Dr. Perricone have proclaimed the acai berry to be the number one super food. The acai berry tree is found in the rainforests of Brazil growing on a specific palm tree. The natives of Brazil have been enjoying the benefits of the acai berry for many centuries. The past five years have seen a monumental surge of popularity for this healthy berry.

The acai berry is freeze dried or flash frozen soon after harvesting due to the fragility of the berry. The acai berry is loaded with nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, potassium, fatty acids and a very high doses of antioxidants. There are many products in the marketplace using acai berries such as powders, drinks, health bars and capsules.

Mentioned in the news frequently is Dr. Oz and the acai berry. Even though there has been proof of the nutritional value of acai berries, there are still many questions unanswered about their ability to actually shed pounds. However the nutritional value and tastiness makes an easy decision to try a product made from acai berries.