What is HGH? Basic Information on HGH

Numerous medical studies and research have conclusively shown that HGH - or human growth hormone - offers a wide array of benefits such as younger skin, increased muscle mass and decreased body fat. In fact, HGH has been shown to counteract many of the effects of aging, which is why so many have viewed it as a veritable fountain of youth. But what, exactly, is HGH?

HGH is a hormone naturally produced in the body by the pituitary gland, and is often referred to as a "master hormone," due to the significant role it plays in so many of the body's primary functions. Before and during puberty, production of HGH in the body is at its highest level, a level which gradually starts to decline by your late 20's. The body still produces HGH, but by the time you reach 40, the hormone's levels have diminished to almost half. By the time you are 80, your growth hormone has decreased to less than 10% of its original level.

While it is still unknown even today why the body's HGH levels decrease over time, it's known that the decrease in hormone production is connected to a loss of energy, diminishing muscle tone, lack of sexual drive, and a longer healing time, just to name a few. Research has proven that people who are given the opportunity to restore or increase their HGH levels experience improvement in their overall health, as well as generally feeling younger.

It was found in 1990 that HGH can lead to important benefits such as increase in muscles mass and muscles tone, enhanced energy and revitalization, more strength and endurance, better heart function, denser and stronger bones, lower cholesterol, faster healing time, improved immune function, better brain function, focus and memory.

Traditionally, HGH was strictly prescribed by doctors to certain individuals to treat various medical conditions. These were given through HGH injections which contain real hormones. One to two shots a day for a few months worth of HGH therapy were required in order to see good results in a matter of weeks. However, the main drawback for HGH injections is that they are very expensive. You will spend at least a few thousands of dollars per month for the HGH therapy.

Once the beneficial effects of HGH came to be more widely known, consumers demanded greater access to the hormone, and pharmaceutical companies have obliged by creating a supplemental form of HGH. Unlike injections, these hormone supplements are available in local health stores and through online merchants, and require no medical prescription or direct supervision.

These supplements work by stimulating your pituitary gland, encouraging it to produce more hormones. Unlike injections, no artificial HGH is involved, so your HGH levels will increase naturally in a method that is safe, and poses no risk for side effects.

Recently, HGH supplements have become available in many different forms, such as pills, oral sprays, or powders which are dissolved into liquids so as to be absorbed into the body. With your HGH levels naturally increasing through this method, your body will gradually be restored to a more youthful state, and you'll be able to enjoy all the benefits to both health and appearance that this provides.