Different Types of HGH Therapy

There is substantial evidence proving the direct relationship between the human growth hormone or HGH and aging. Thus, for those who would like to improve their quality of life and to fight the physical and the mental aspects of aging, HGH therapy is an excellent option.

It once was that the only choice there was for HGH therapy was to have your physician administer HGH injections. This is a therapy which can be risky and should only be performed by a doctor. It is usually only done to treat certain medical conditions caused by an insufficient HGH level or a hormonal imbalance which affects the body's levels of this hormone. Some of the types of therapy using HGH are:

HGH Therapy in HGH-Deficient Children. Children with HGH deficiencies that lead to abnormal growth are administered with HGH therapy. With the lack of the hormone, the child's body must be stimulated to grow through regular injections of a complex, synthetic hormone. This avoids the occurrence of dwarfism and a stunted life since the child is given the chance to grow normally as with natural HGH.

HGH Therapy and Obesity. In some cases, the pituitary gland needs to be surgically removed. Since this is the gland which produces HGH, problems can result including obesity. However, this can be treated with regular injections of human growth hormone to restore the HGH levels lost through the removal of the pituitary gland.

HGH and Adult Deficiency. HGH deficiency is something which happens to us all as we get older. However, this natural process can lead to health issues which your doctor may choose to treat through HGH therapy. Many people now seek out anti-aging HGH therapy to reduce or reverse some of the negative effects of aging on the body.

HGH Therapy for Anti-Aging. As stated above, your body's HGH levels decline precipitously as you age. By the time you reach your 40th birthday, these levels will be half of what they were when you turned 20! It's no coincidence that this is about the age that you really start to feel your age. This declining HGH level is thought to cause the lack of energy, weaker immune system and tendency to gain weight in older people.

HGH therapy can restore you HGH levels and with them, your vigor and energy. While these anti-aging HGH therapies can be incredibly effective when combined with regular exercise and a healthy diet, it is also very expensive.

Supplemental HGH Therapy. If HGH injections are beyond your means, as they are for most people, there are other types of HGH therapy which are far less expensive. HGH supplements are a low cost but very effective alternative to injection HGH therapy. However, they take longer to produce their effects than injections, but are also safer than injections. These supplements stimulate your endocrine system to produce more HGH naturally, so there are no side effects. Just as you would with any other type of supplement, however, ask your physician first to find if HGH therapy is appropriate for you.