Top 3 Acai Myths Debunked

The Acai Berry gained popularity in America when featured on The Oprah Winfrey show and others. The guest doctor on Oprah is Dr. Oz discussed the health benefits of Acai, a fruit of the Acai palm in the Amazon. Oprah has not endorsed any Acai products specifically, but many continue to use her picture to promote their products. With instant popularity, the Acai Berry is very profitable and is sold online under dozens of names. It is called the magic bullet for nearly everything from weight loss to curing cancer. Three of the most common claims are exposed as simply myths in this article.

Myth Number 1: The Acai Berry helps weight loss. Acai is rich in anti-oxidants that bind with free radicals. Free radicals can damage cells in your body, so anti-oxidants are helpful. Acai also is rich in fatty acids and is high in fiber, both are very healthy but do not help your body burn fat. Acai is sold as a fat burning super food, but how it supposedly works is not explained.

Myth Number 2: The Acai Berry helps increase muscle. Many sites claim that guys suddenly have the body of their dreams. Even the actors in from 300, the move about the Spartans, are supposed to have used Acai for their awesome physiques. One of the worlds top fitness experts notes 'those Acai sites steal photos from other peoples sites and put them on their bogus blogs. Those sites are 100% lies. There's not a word of truth on any of those sites'. The trainer of the 300 was Mark Twight, and Acai was not included in their training program. The fact is that cannot Acai promote muscle growth aside from the normal function of good nutrition. It is not a natural steroid.

Myth Number 3: Try Acai for free. Beware of free trial offers because they are not free samples. Many feel this is misleading and a scam. The buyer provides a credit card to pay for shipping and handling, about seven dollars. The small print states the free trial offer expires usually in fourteen days and the credit card will be billed if not returned at the end of the free trial. The amount billed is usually forty dollars or more. The credit card is then billed every month and the product is shipped automatically until the order is cancelled.

Acai myths grow daily online and this article exposed three of the most common myths. Beware as many Acai websites can be very convincing. However, you are now prepared to view those sales pitches and their claims with a more skeptical eye.