The Question Everyone Is Asking: What Is Acai Good For?

The acai berry has experience a recent explosion in the supplement market, but many people have been left wondering, "What is acai good for?" You will hear plenty of hype about the little berry. People will tout it as a miracle cure for just about everything you can imagine. But you really need to understand the science behind the berry in order to understand what impact it will have upon you. So let's break things down a little.

Antioxidants and Free Radicals - Good versus Evil?

Almost everyone has heard of the wonder of antioxidants and their arch nemesis, the free radical. But it isn't quite so cut and dried. Free radicals are naturally occurring atoms in the body which have unpaired electrons. Free radicals seek out an electron for their pair to be complete, but this may mean they steal their electron from other atoms. This process is required by many of the body's essential functions, such as fighting bacteria. But when people have too many free radicals, they may experience mutations at the cellular level, leading to cancers and atherosclerosis among other problems. Antioxidants simply slow this process and help prevent many of the problems associated with free radicals.

The French Paradox and the Role of Anthocyanins

How can you eat a diet of heavy in saturated fats, the worst kind, and still live in a culture with the fewest incidents of coronary heart disease? That is what scientists studying The French Paradox would like to know. They discovered that even though the average French diet is loaded with fats from cheese and pork, the French are remarkably healthier than Americans. Among the reasons was a compound called anthocyanins, a pigment found in the skin of berries such as red grapes and acai berries. The French mostly got their anthocyanins from red wine, but thanks to the acai berry, you can get your dosage without the damaging effects of alcohol.

Is No Fat Good Fat?

Definitely not. Fat is often pointed out as something we should avoid at all costs but there are actually good fats. These are the type of fats contained in acai berries which reduce bad cholesterol and promote good cholesterol. What makes this fat from acai doubly important is that good or unsaturated fat are not produced by the body and can only be obtained from dietary intake.

Acai berry is believed to be so beneficial because it contains many compounds which have been known for years to be good for you. As research continues into the acai berry, the facts will tell us exactly how healthy the acai berry really is. So if you are still wondering what is acai good for, stay tuned and this amazing little fruit may surprise you.