The Pre-Workout Supplements Battle: No Xplode Vs Superpump 250

A lot of people that are serious about packing on muscle consider, at one time or another, taking muscle supplements. The advantages are bigger and faster gains over time, increased blood flow during workouts, and, for some products, more energy and ability to focus. Let's look at two of these products side by side, NO Xplode Vs Superpump 250.

As with anything that's going to boost the body's natural muscle growth, there are some things to keep in mind. Check with your doctor to see if the products will interfere with pre-existing medical conditions, like asthma or high blood pressure. You can also develop a tolerance to some of the ingredients, like caffeine, over the course of the product's use, so there will be times when breaks are necessary. Also, the long-term side effects of these products haven't been studied.

NO-Xplode is a completely legal pre-workout muscle supplement that's been used by lifters for years. It contains a nitric oxide formula, which helps augment muscles, creatine, which helps fluid get into muscles, and glutamine. It also contains a healthy serving of caffeine for an energy pump before, during, and after your workout. You'll be getting a lot of energy and better blood flow with this product.

There is a lot of writing on the internet about good results with NO-Xplode. Particularly lauded is the boost to energy and focus that people get from taking this product. There have been negative reactions as well, though. A well-known complaint is the rise in liver enzymes (which can cause permanent damage) that seems to have been associated with using NO-Xplode, although this is unconfirmed.

In the other corner of the NO Xplode vs Superpump 250 matchup, Superpump 250 is also designed to augment Nitric Oxide and contains Creatine. Superpump 250 also includes waxymaize, an ingredient that's built to help absorb the supplement. Like No-Xplode, it's taken pre-workout and gives a focused rise in energy, but without jittery feelings.

Superpump 250 has its adherents, especially the orange flavor of the product, which is said to be absolutely delicious. However, a well-known and common side effect is upset digestive system and gas. Some people can solve these problems with a change in eating times before and after working out. It's generally considered a good, but not great pre-workout muscle supplement.

Both of these supplements should be used with some kind of protein shake, and better comparisons of NO Xplode Vs Superpump 250 can only be experienced by personal use.