The Tiny Berry That Holds Healing And Energising Nutrients

If you are after upping your game and having more fuel for your athletic fire you are probably in search of a product to provide you with the necessary antioxidants and nutrients to help you recover at a quicker pace whilst ensuring your stamina allows you to last longer in your sport

Would you like to have the rainforest with your purchase? And what if you could do all of this with a product so delicious, so refreshing, and so energising that caffeine seems like a drug of the past? What if this product could taste rich and chocolaty with hints of fresh ripe berries?

Whatever can this be? Before revealing all, we would like to tell you a little more about it. People with an active lifestyle often require increased stamina and strength. Sometimes those who lead a busy career life need a little extra energy to enable them to enjoy exercise and sports. For both of these groups this super food may be just what is needed.

Recent studies have shown that as a freeze dried powder containing around 500 calories, 52 carbohydrates, 44 grams of fibre, 32 grams of total fat, and 8 grams of protein per 100 grams, this product provides all the fibre needed in a day as well as the nutrients of a full meal.

This super rich chocolaty food contains high levels of vitamin A, along with nineteen essential amino acids and six fatty acids one of which inhibits the absorption of dietary cholesterol.

The flavanoid can be compared to those of blueberries and antioxidants ten times higher than those of wild blueberries and cranberries are present in the dark purple skin of this food. The total antioxidant strength of this super food was tested and has an ORAC value of 1027 micromol TE per gram.

Would you like to know what this secret super food is now that you know its healing and optimising secrets? It is the chocolaty fruity acai berry, (Pronounced a-sigh-ee).

This fruit is native to Brazil and can be found growing on the Euterpe palm tree family. The natives use it for a super charge of energy and its medicinal properties are well known. The fruits and roots of this palm tree are used for treating gastrointestinal problems and illnesses and the heart is often served in salads.

This palm tree grows rather quickly and produces three or more crops per year. The fruit grows in large clusters of 70 to 80 one-inch fruits. The locals use it to flavour their sodas, ice creams, and other favourite foods.

Of course, you are not only super charging your body with high amounts of antioxidants and nutrients when you purchase your freeze dried version of this fruit pulp, but you are also keeping the locals in work. This means the Brazilians do not need to cut down the rain forest to earn a living because your purchase of acai berries along with everyone else's makes for rich commerce.

Since the acai berry is native to the area, farmland will not need to be cut down to make way for it. Nor will the deforestation occur since spent palm trees can be utilised for higher quality sources of fire wood and fuel.

Additionally, the palm leaves can be used for making hats, bags, and even roof thatch. The wood is pest resistant and serves as excellent sources of building material. All of which also contribute greatly to the local commerce.

So now you know all about the acai berry are you ready to do your part towards saving the rain forest whilst super charging your body? Do you want to try this fabulous tasting food? If you are looking to fuel your body with the highest antioxidants and most nutritious product known to man then you are definitely ready to try the deeply rich and chocolaty acai berry right now.