The Oprah Winfrey Diet – The Acai Berry

Whatever your goal, the Acai berry can support. Most people follow the Acai berry diet to reduce weight. The diet received worldwide media attention after Oprah Winfrey revealed on her eponymous show that the Acai berry had been the secret of her recent dietary success, following the Acai berry weight loss plan she managed to shave an incredible 4 inches of her chest in under three months.

The Acai berry diet is an effective and rigorously tested weight lose programme but it also so has a number of other benefits some of which you may not be aware of:

Leading Dermatologist and respected author Dr Nicholas Perricone states that the Acai berry is the world's "No.1 super fruit". In his New York Times bestseller 'The Perricone Promise' he outlines an Acai berry diet that can not only aid you to lose weight but it can also improve the appearance of your skin. For more Acai berry information regarding anything discussed in this article please go on over to the Acai berry blog.

Dr Phillip Perricone is not the only medical professional who endorses the features of the Acai berry diet. Dr Alexander Schauss; The Senior Director of natural and medical products research at AIBMN life sciences says that "Acai has every single essential nutrient required for humans" This is an astute point which is often overlooked by consumers of dietary supplements. The Acai berry diet is unique in that it aids you to cut down weight and get fit without having any adverse effects on your body.

Many health supplements include unnatural chemicals that may support to you lose weight in the short term but do so at the cost of your own long term health. These supplements can be anything from harmful toxins to fatal cacogenics. So for fast, effective and perhaps most importantly safe results visit any related website now and try what many experts believe to be the most impressive 'super fruit' on the market.