Resveratrol – Great New Breakthrough Helps You Slow Down Aging And Maintains Youthful Look

Resveratrol, the elusive molecule was discovered by a researcher from Harvard University, Dr. David Sinclair. He was stunned when he found that this molecule from the red wine was actually the one responsible for making those wine consumers healthy.

Researchers found that resveratrol slows down aging by resetting your body biological clock. It acts directly on the gene called NPT1 by turning it on which in turn slows down the aging process. Mice given resveratrol were found to live 30% longer than the average and were healthy with no heart disease or cancer.

However, you should not simply gulp the red wine yet. According to Dr. David Sinclair you probably need to drink about 1000 bottles of red wine a day in order to have that same beneficial effect! So the best way is not to drink wine at all, instead take the resveratrol that are extracted from red grapes by pharmaceutical companies. It simply means go to the pharmacy and get your supply.

Other than slowing down aging, many researches around the world found that resveratrol could also be used to control obesity, high blood pressure and destroy cancer.

Watch out for the percent absorption when you intend to purchase resveratrol. The quick guide below might help.

Method of Delivery (% absorption)

1. Pill (10%)

2. Gel (18%)

3. Transdermal Patch (55%)

4. Intramuscular Injection (90%)

5. Oral Spray (98%)

Based on the above fact you will find that taking resveratrol in the form of tablet or pill is worthless as 90% of it will go into the drain. Meaning that it is not fully absorbed by your body. Therefore, the best way to get resveratrol is via intra-oral spray which is 98% absorption, period.

So be very careful when you make a purchase. You could get ripped off by buying cheap low absorbing resveratrol tablets and capsules that finally end up in the drain.

Other than resveratrol there are other anti-aging substances and antioxidants that are also beneficial to our health such as noni, acai, goji, amalaki, aloe vera, black currant, pomegranate, mangosteen, maqui, grape seed extract and pine bark extract. So I would like to recommend that when you get resveratrol from the pharmacy make sure it has a combination with any of the above anti-aging substances and antioxidants. This will enhance the effect of resveratrol.