Successful Weight Loss is Simple with These 2 Steps

You've probably learned much on the importance of optimistic thinking in fat loss. When you keep nursing pessimistic thoughts, you'll not be able to slim down. But then, when you become a optimistic thinker, fat loss will be simple for you. Let's see an example.

You cannot slim down when you always believe you are fat, simple as that. You might even hate yourself, correct? Now believe yourself slim, and think how it could help you. Your mentality can single-handedly decide your success or failure. It is about how to form a optimistic attitude.

Don't forget though that just like you can't slim down overnight, you also can't transform your pessimistic thoughts into optimistic ones within a short time. Therefore be patient and try to integrate those changes gradually to your life!

1. How come do you wish to slim down? Is it because you cannot stand the way other people look at you? Or because these extra pounds keep you from dating? Or simply because you wish to be like your famous idol? Put down every reason you could think about on paper, everything, small or big.

Even better, write them down on stickers and put those all over the place. Put them where you'll see them the most, like the fridge or bedroom walls, so you can never forget your weight loss goals.

2. Set up realistic goals. It is a critical step to success. Many people fail as they attempt to do things they really cannot. Your final target is of course your idealistic weight. However how long will it take you to be there?

In fact, you should aim for 2 pounds a week. It's not to say you can't lose more but that's typical, and most importantly, realistic. Now you can easily calculate the time needed to achieve your goals.

Next, you need to get some motivation. There are lots of ways to do this. For example, you can take photos of yourself periodically to see how long you've been moving forward. Or you can find a friend who shares the same goals and work together.