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Chlorine dioxide is the very powerful molecule that is in MMS, or more commonly known as Miracle Mineral Supplement. It has an amazing ability to work with our body's immune system to fight of disease and infection. Unlike modern antibiotics and medications, the body does not build up its resistance to it. Taking antibiotics repeatedly over a period of time forces our body to change to accommodate the pathogens rather than the antibiotic. Therefore, what once was an effective treatment no longer is. Drug companies have to keep developing new antibiotics to replace the old ones that have become ineffectual.

The substance that is in MMS, chlorine dioxide, is a very powerful oxidizer. It actually will strip the electrons from any pathogen it encounters. It is so effective that the body will not even develop immunity to it. The properties of pathogens are unlike those of healthy body tissue. The electrostatic charge that exists between the chlorine dioxide and the pathogens works every time to create an interaction that strips the electrons from the pathogen and they then attach to the chlorine dioxide. It happens the same way every time as the nature of both remains the same.

We have been treating our water supplies with chlorine dioxide for a long time because it is very effective in riding the water of deleterious water borne diseases. The agricultural community and hospitals were using this substance long before Jim Humble's discovery. Since the body is made up of mostly water, it would make sense that it would work in it in the same fashion.

When the chlorine dioxide molecule encounters a pathogen a chemical reaction takes place. The pathogen is stripped of up to five electrons with the first encounter. The pathogen that is invading the body is neutralized and the body is free of the harmful invasion. Just like that.

The chlorine dioxide molecule with the extra electrons breaks down into a harmless salt byproduct. The pathogen has been neutralized and the chlorine dioxide is done as well. They are both harmless in their altered states. Even with the extra electrons chlorine dioxide does not have an ill effect on the body.

It a simple chemical interaction with spectacular results!

Interestingly enough, this powerful substance only interacts with structures that have less than a ph of 7. This means that it likes an acidic environment. Scientists have learned that many of the diseases and stressors we now encounter in today's world, have a very acidic internal biochemistry. It therefore is a perfect combination as the chlorine dioxide is attracted to the very same thing. This powerful molecule can move about the body without any problem, but when it encounters an enemy it goes into action, taking care of bacteria, toxins and viruses.

The healthy tissues in our body and good bacteria that keep healthy are unlike pathogens in that they prefer an environment with a ph that is greater than 7. So they will not participate in the reaction and will not be harmed in any way. They will not give away their elections as the pathogens will do and are totally unaffected. The pathogens, on the other hand, are a perfect target for the chlorine dioxide because of their acidic nature.

This powerful compound begins to break down after an hour in the body if it does not find anything to interact with. It becomes a benign table salt that is actually a helpful substance known as hypochlorous acid.

A very potent medicine, this incredible mineral supplement work like a dream!