Post Pregnancy Weight Loss

Of course the first thought after a mother gives birth is about how healthy her baby is but it doesn't take long before thoughts about losing weight after the pregnancy will surface. Celebrity mothers are shown on TV making miraculous changes after birth, and in no time, regaining their million dollar figures. What is never discussed is the fact that celebrity mothers have sufficient time and money to hire the best trainers and equipment to help them with losing weight after pregnancy.

It is an unfair comparison because weight loss after pregnancy is not so easy or possible for the vast majority of mothers. A great deal of strain is placed on a woman when she gives birth. Therefore in the initial stages after birth she really should be looking at recovering by ensuring she maintains a healthy diet.

A diet consisting of a healthy amount of fiber, totaling around 2000 calories is a good common sense starting point,a diet similar to the one shown here:

Carbohydrates should be half the daily in take, thirty percent in take of protein, and fat should be about one tenth of daily intake

Ok, the percentage totals don't add up to 100 percent but there's a reason for this as every diet should leave a little room for enjoyment and there is no need to go to extremes so have some of the foods you enjoy without guilt, just don't go crazy.

Even with the amount of precious time that a mother will spend with that beautiful newborn, she will need to spend some of that time and energy on herself. Exercise is important not just for her, but the newborn will enjoy the benefits of a healthier mummy. There is also the advantage of a better mental stability in the mom, which will allow here to think clearer.

Light to moderate exercise is the best way to achieve weight loss after pregnancy but it will depend on a number of factors, including the amount of weight you gained before you gave birth. It is now accepted that the body and metabolism of a woman that has given birth undergoes a number of changes which can sometimes make losing those extra pounds more difficult. The order of the day is that losing weight after pregnancy will be more consistent and healthy if it is achieved slowly but surely through a healthy diet and regular physical activity.

Remember that your body gained fat slowly so you need to lose it the same way and any muscle tone that was lost will come back the same way through exercise. Nevertheless, if you follow the advice here there is no reason why you shouldn't get your old figure and weight back within a year of giving birth.

Losing unwanted pounds after pregnancy is far from impossible and is within reach of all new moms although some women will hang on to the last few pounds they have to lose until they stop breastfeeding.