Pains on the Knees

If you are experiencing knee pains, whether acute or chronic, the first thing you would have to do is to see a doctor or an orthopedic specialist. They are able to diagnose what is wrong with your knee, and prescribe to you proper treatment and special therapies designed to relieve and fix your pain. Knees are hardy structures of your body, but they can be subjected to even the most grueling pain when their toughness fails them.

The most common type of injury that you would experience is acute knee injuries, or by a physical trauma that is directed mostly at your knees. This usually happens during a fall that hits your knee caps directly, or breaking a leg, with most of the ligaments and cartilage attached to the bone. These injuries are considered trauma induced, and half of the damage comes from the shock of sudden pains. These injuries can be easily treated (has a set plan for treatment), but it usually takes weeks or months for even most of these simple cases.

Runner's Knee occurs most especially during the growing years of young adults, but it is also found among the older generation. This happens when a person suddenly engages in exercise without even stretching up a bit. Because of the condition of under use and then exposing to strenuous exercise, this causes pains in the muscles. Resting after and a few days after would cure the knee.

The more dangerous counterpart of acute knee pains are those that aren't caused by trauma but by years of stress, under use and improper usage. These results to serious cases like tendinitis among other. These conditions, unlike acute knee pains are formed from years of bad use and can't be repaired just like how you were when you were still younger. Inflammation from healing occurs. This happens when strenuous leg activities without proper warming up is done.

With old age and time, the risk for knee osteoarthritis rises at an exponential rate. Old cartilage degenerates easily, and the rate it takes to heal is slower than ever. Exercising seems to be the only sure fire way to avoid and prevent this condition as well. Take time to do some stretches, even after walking, to cool down your knees.