Good Information About Five Weight Lifting Supplements

There is definitely no shortage of weight lifting supplements on the market today. With the popularity of body building rising due to the new information about how having more muscle can benefit you in a lot of ways, more and more formulations for supplements are coming out of the woodwork. You name it, there is a supplement for anything. Examples of a few are fat burners, mass gainers, amino acids, BCAAs, creatine and more.

The question is where does one start to determine what they may need. Well, in order to find the best ones for you take a look at your current physique. Do you need to reduce fat and if so, how much? Do you have trouble gaining muscle? Once you have narrowed it down you will get a better idea of where to start looking.

Hang out on body building forums and talk to people, get a little input from them. Find out what they have tried in the past or continue to take today. Get name of brands as well as supplement types. Ask if they really feel that a particular one or two made a big difference.

Vitamins and Omega 3

If you have not already, pick up a decent multivitamin. Everyone should take one daily as our diet is often deficient in certain nutrients we all need. Add the training schedule of a weight lifter and the demand is even higher. Also take a fish oil supplement like Omega 369. Unless fish and tons of vegetables are a staple in your diet, you are probably not getting enough. These two will pick up the slack.


Creatine is one of the original muscle building products on the market. It was around a while back and continues to be used by weight training professionals everywhere. Consumed in liquid or powder form, the overall benefit is that it transports energy to your muscles and reduces fatigue. Remember to drink lots of water should you decide to use creatine as it takes water from other areas in your body in order to do this.

BCAAs And What They Stand For

Our body requires amino acids as they are building blocks in the human body. Although there are many types, three of the most important to muscle growth are branched chain amino acids known as leucine, isoleucine and valine. BCAAs travel first to where the body requires it the most. Some amino acids are spared and sent to the muscle for rebuilding. With this kind of intuitive effect, it is no wonder they are making a comeback in the weight lifting community.

Nitric Oxide NO

Seasoned body builders and weekend weight trainers know the feel of the muscle pump but it has a more important job than just making you feel strong. It amplifies the rate at which you gain by increasing blood flow through expanded blood vessels and delivers oxygen rich blood cells to your muscle.

Many other weight lifting supplements that come in powder or pill form. Trace minerals and nutrients that aid natural processes in the body to help you build the physique you desire. A lot of them are things your body already processes. Sometimes we do not always get these nutrients in substantial amounts. Hence the reason supplements are manufactured today.