Over The Counter Diuretics For Retaining Water

Natural herbs such as parsley, dandelion and uva ursi are used in over the counter diuretics that will adequately remove some of the excess fluid from causes such as swelling, fluid retention from pms, menopause bloating or retaining fluid from the humidity in the summer. You can eat the fresh roots, flowers and leaves of the herbs or use them to make tea.

As apposed to synthetic diuretics, over the counter diuretics are preferred because they can provide the same benefits without the negative side effects of the prescription diuretics. For high blood pressure and water retention natural herbs have been shown to provide substantial relief from these issues.

Some over the counter diuretics have similar diuretic effects as the drug furosemide (Lasix) but without the negative effect of depleting the body's reservoir of the vital electrolyte, potassium.

Water retention over the counter diuretics can provide similar diuretic effects as the drug furosemide (Lasix) without the negative effect of depleting the body's reservoir of the vital electrolyte, potassium.

There are powerful over the counter diuretics, more potent than the typical "water loss pills," individuals can see results as quickly as 12 hours! Many over the counter herbal diuretics have proven fluid-reducing herbs to dramatically reduce water retention, with an electrolyte blend that helps to maintain a normal body fluid balance.

Synthetic diuretics prompt the body to excrete the excess water and salt which causes water retention, but it also removes potassium from the body, which needs to be replaced with foods rich in potassium. You only get what you pay for and over the counter good quality water retention diuretics can be costly so be wise in your search.

When buying over the counter natural diuretics for water retention or any other reason only buy herbal supplements that clearly state the labeled lists of ingredients and amounts. Reliable companies use a technique called thin layer chromatography (TLC), to scientifically identify the products compounds and verify that the correct herb is being packaged. Check for potency, the concentration of active ingredients. Low potency usually means that the product will provide you with no results.

Solid extracts used as a diuretic for water retention is usually at least four times stronger than the same amount of fluid extract and forty times more potent as a tincture if produced from herbs of the same quality. Over the counter diuretics can also be purchased in tablet or capsule form. You can either take them with a glass of water or dissolve them in hot water before drinking. Many people consider natural diuretic tablets and capsules to be the most convenient way to take over the counter diuretics.