Acai Roots Review – The Real Deal or Another Supplement Scam?

Almost everyone who is interested in health supplements has seen the recent craze over acai berries. Celebrities from television doctors to Oprah have had a big part in making the acai berry so popular. While the popularity is deserved, the acai berry is extremely high in antioxidants, the fame has brought about the usual scammers. These fraud companies seek to take money from unsuspecting people who are interested in acai supplements.

Acai Roots is one of many companies currently selling acai supplements. They have offices in the United States and in South America where the acai grows naturally. They claim to sell a completely pure product grown naturally in Para, northern Brazil. But there are a few things to consider before determining if Acai Roots is a company worth your patronage.

Acai Roots Products

The first thing that you would want to know of any acai supplement company is how good the quality is. In the case of Acai Roots, this brand only produces 100% pure, unadulterated acai products. It all starts with the harvesting. Acai Roots only utilizes acai berries picked fresh from the wild-grown acai trees. This is to ensure that the fruits are free of any chemicals or fertilizers as may be found on acai grown on farms. Since the nutrients found in the berry have been taken from fresh acai samples, wouldn't you want to get the supplements that come closest to fresh organic acai?

But it doesn't stop there. Many companies taint their products in the manufacturing phase. Acai Roots uses only freeze-dried acai berry in their supplements. Freeze drying locks in the nutrients and allows the product to be transported long distances without sacrificing quality. A freeze-dried product can have as much as 50 times the antioxidant level of a product that has been spray-dried. Spray drying is a process where the liquid is heated out of the berry and a polysaccharide called maltodextrin is sprayed into the product. Not only is the spray-dried product nearly worthless nutritionally, it contains a filler which the body absorbs as glucose. In addition, inferior products may contain fluff such as caffeine that is intended to make a person feel energized. You may think it is the acai berry, but in reality it is just a stimulant that you're paying too much money for.

Acai Roots Business Practices

So the product is good. But that doesn't always mean the company is legit. Some companies offer good products, but they burn you on their bad business. And if you're looking for acai supplements, you already know about the scams. The sad fact is that many shady businesses are taking advantage of the recent realization that this fruit is one of the healthiest on the planet. You may notice that many of them claim to have support from famous doctors or celebrities like Oprah. The fact that Acai Roots doesn't make these lofty claims is one way to tell that they are straight-shooters. Companies which offer free samples or try to lure you in with celebrity endorsements are the ones to be wary of. Acai Roots knows its product can speak for itself.

And that product comes in almost any form you could possibly want. You are not simply limited to capsules, although they are available. Acai Roots offers smoothies to give your lunch a little more nutrition or powder to mix in with your favorite drink. You can even get frozen products to use in your own smoothies or to eat as ice cream.

The Company's Impact

It may not be important to everyone how a company conducts itself outside the business. However, some people enjoy a peace-of-mind knowing that the company their money goes to also likes to give back. Many companies imply extremely cheap native labor and grow their acai berry products on large farms. These farms may also use chemicals or put harmful toxins into the local environment. Acai Roots uses only wild-harvested berries, which are completely organic and natural. They also make a point to support local populations. Acai Roots knows that their success is directly dependent upon the success of the local market. They support local education programs and donate time and money to building the lives of the local people who work for them.

Acai Roots is not your average company in any way. They offer a superior product while maintaining an affordable price. They also run their business to satisfy the customer and get returning business. And by giving back to the local workers in Brazil, they show how responsible they are. Responsibility to the workers is a rare virtue among most companies. And Acai Roots manages to display a moral understanding while still producing a high quality line of acai supplements.