Lower Blood Pressure: Top 3 Hypertension Fighting Supplements

One way to quickly lower blood pressure naturally is to make changes to your diet. It is fairly well known that we can quickly lower blood pressure by increasing intake of foods that are full of blood pressure reducing nutrients and by cutting out certain fats and sugars and salt. However what sounds easy, is not always as easy to do on a regular basis. Everyone is busy and pressed for time and it isn't always easy to get to the grocery store to buy the fresh produce when we need it.

Luckily there are good quality supplements on the market to use when our diet is not sufficient. Don't misunderstand me though, supplements do not give us a license to eat indiscriminately if we want to quickly lower blood pressure naturally. What I am saying is that if you are as good as is practical and convenient with your diet, then you can supplement to make up the shortfall. Supplements are the backup so that you don't have to lose sleep and get stressed about your diet when it doesn't quite meet your standard.

So here briefly are the top 3 supplements to look for in order to quickly lower blood pressure.


Potassium comes in two versions, potassium citrate is found naturally in foods such as bananas, green leafy vegetables and some fish; and potassium chloride is the supplement form. People with kidney disease may not be able to take potassium chloride.


Look for a sustained release Arginine supplement. Arginine is an amino acid that helps the body produce Nitric Oxide. In the early 90s it was discovered that Nitric Oxide reduces blood pressure and increases flow.


Over 60 studies have been conducted to show that Omega-3 lowers blood pressure. The most commonly known supplement is fish oil capsules. Cheaper commercially available fish oil capsules can be high in lipid peroxides which put an enormous stress on antioxidant defense mechanisms. Flaxseed oil seems to be a better and more cost effective choice of Omega-3 supplement.

Supplements can be bought separately or as a blend specifically targeted at hypertension. The list above is not exhaustive, more supplements for lowering blood pressure and extensive information on natural blood pressure reduction is available through the links at the bottom of this article.

Remember though that diet is the best source of supplements to quickly lower blood pressure naturally.

I am living proof of the fact that the natural approach works. Despite a family history of hypertension and a mother and sister on hypertension medication, my blood pressure is perfect. My mom and sister are implementing some natural methods too and are seeing life-changing results.