Live Longer With Resveratrol – Benefits of Resveratrol

There has to be a reason why people in some countries live longer than others, and this has generally been found to be because of their lifestyle. Studies have been conducted to find out why this is so and resveratrol has been found to be one of the major reasons why people live longer and suffer from fewer life threatening diseases.

The best way to learn about health giving lifestyles is to copy what other people do, and in the instance of resveratrol this might be true. It has been found by scientific study to be a truly wonder substance.

It is interesting that the oldest recorded living person on earth was 122 when she died. She lived in France and Jean Calumet smoked and drank all her life, she undertook now special exercise and as we know from smoking statistics, did not live a very healthy life, but she lived an incredibly long time. Looking at the lifestyle of this woman and the lifestyles of many other centenarians has made scientists start asking some very relevant questions. The most important being, why did this woman live so long?

The most important discovery which scientists have made is the fact that countries which are hot spots for centenarians have a culture of drinking red wine. France is one country, and Sardinia is another! There are two reasons why red wine is good for people, the alcohol and resveratrol, and this is according to Dr. Oz himself.

Resveratrol is a very strong anti-oxidant, and it is much more prevalent in red wine. This is because wine makers use the skins of the grape to make red wine. The skins of the grape are not used in white wine, and no resveratrol has been found in this drink, therefore scientists have deduced that resveratrol is found in the skins of the grape.

This substance has been found by scientists to trigger a gene in the human body which has anti-ageing properties. In clinical tests it has been shown to reduce the ability of cancers, fungus, bacteria and other hostile agents to reproduce. The grape manufactures resveratrol to protect itself from the hostile environment in which it grows. The cellular chemistry of plants is very sophisticated, as they grow and reproduce.

He also maintains that if you don't want to take the alcohol, you are also able to enjoy resveratrol benefits from drinking dark grape juice. But you don't get as much benefit! As much as 80% of the benefit you receive from drinking red wine is in the alcohol, the other 20% is resveratrol, the combination of both these substances is therefore where the benefit lies.

Of course moderation is crucial to the benefit you receive also. If you really can't take alcohol, supplements can be found, however the FDA is still conducting trials on these. There are benefits of resveratrol and the recommended dosage of red wine is one glass a day for women and men may take a little more. Apparently men are more able to metabolize alcohol than women are.