Intravenous Supplements – A Win For Alternative Medicine

In the practice of medicine, intravenous drips are used to introduce a lot of substances directly into the bloodstream, usually drugs. Alternative medicine uses IV drips in chelation therapy to introduce agents that take heavy metals out of the body. But IV drips can also be effectively used to supply the patient with much needed nutrients to speed healing.

If patients receives nutrients by IV, this process gets around the problems of uncertain absorption into the bloodstream and delivers them directly. Vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other supplements can speed up recovery.

Different types of IV drips can be used depending on the ailment of the particular patient. IV drips for immune enhancement therapy combine high doses of vitamins C, B complex, magnesium, trace minerals and glutathione (which enhances the immune system).

Chronic illnesses and infections can be relieved with this method of treatment. Lyme disease, cancer, shingles, pneumonia, flu, gastrointestinal distress will benefit from this therapy and it will help patients recover and avoid infections if given before and after surgery.

Herpes, shingles, Epstein Barr virus and cancer, in addition to other viral infections can be relieved with high doses of vitamin C, up to 100,000 mg. Such direct infusions defeat the lingering viruses.

Glutathoine therapy is given where high amounts of antioxidants are needed in the body, e.g. Parkinson's disease, acute viral infections and heart conditions.

Nutritional deficiencies caused by bad diet or inability to absorb food can be treated with an amino acid drip.

PlaqueX therapy does what the name suggests. It removes the plaque build up inside the arterial walls using a natural substance. PlaqueX is a combination of essential phospholipids specially formulated for IV administration. Phospholipids are primary constituents of the membranes that surround each of our cells, protecting and controlling what enters them. As we age, our production of phospholipids falters, which has adverse effects throughout the body. PlaqueX therapy replenishes your supply of these crucial building blocks, and in addition to decreasing plaque deposits inside the arteries, it has demonstrated the ability to improve exercise tolerance, reduce angina attacks, lower cholesterol and triglycerides levels, boost circulation, increase male potency and improve kidney function.

If not for the huge profits being made by drug companies who promote drugs with side effects and then sell more drugs to combat the side effects, natural medicine would by now be mainline medicine. The number of patients finding out about it and getting great results increases daily.