How I stayed Healthy in an Office Full of Flu Patients with Gene-Eden, a Broad Range, Natural, Antiviral Dietary Supplement

On September 21, 2009, the Center for the biology of chronic disease (CBCD) announced in a press release that Gene-Eden, an antiviral nutritional supplement researched, developed and marketed by polyDNA, may be effective against the swine flu (H1N1) virus. polyDNA is a biotechnology company specializing in researching, developing, and marketing science-based nutritional supplements. Gene-Eden, is an all natural, antiviral supplement that targets many viruses during their chronic, latent, or incubation phase.

Gene-Eden's table of ingredients includes five natural extracts and a natural trace element. To decide on these ingredients, the scientists at polyDNA used a unique method. They collected thousand of scientific articles published in scientific journals. Then they analyzed the content of these articles with their in-house, proprietary, bio-informatics-based software. And finally, they used the results of the computer analysis to identify the most powerful and safe substances.

Some of the laboratory and clinical studies, which were published in scientific journals, and show that these natural ingredients have a strong antiviral effect, are presented on polyDNA's website. Since launching Gene-Eden, users of the antiviral supplement report better health and stronger spirit.

The following sections present the wordings of the press release sent out by the CBCD.

"Everyone is looking for ways to protect themselves against the swine flu virus. Let me tell you about my personal encounter with the virus. About three months ago, I read an article on Dr. Hanan Polansky's book, where he describes his discovery of the relationship between chronic viruses and chronic disease. After I read the article, I started taking Gene-Eden, a broad range antiviral supplement, to reduce the number of chronic viruses in my body. My decision to start taking Gene-Eden had nothing to do with the swine flu virus. However, about two weeks ago, a lady working in my office was diagnosed with the swine flu. The poor lady was struck hard. She stayed in bad for a few days with high fever. She had a sore throat, muscle aches, was coughing, and felt completely drained. I was worried. Since we share the same office, I was certain I was next. About a week and a half ago, I started feeling a tingling in my throat. My first thought was "Here it comes!" But than I remembered that Gene-Eden targets many viruses. So I carefully read the label on the bottle, and decided to increase my dosage to the highest recommended one, two capsules in the morning and two in the afternoon. I was amazed at the results. The tingling in my throat disappeared, and now, ten days later, I am completely healthy, no swine flu, no soar throat, no fever, nothing. Together, Gene-Eden and I beat the virus, and it surly feels great."

The above testimonial was collected in a study the Center for the Biology of Chronic Disease is currently conducting with users of Gene-Eden. In one section, the study asks the participants to share their personal experience with the supplement. The above text is one of these experiences.

More information on the antiviral supplement is available on the Gene-Eden website. You can buy the supplement on

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