I Need to Know the Correct Acai Dosage: How Much Acai Berry is Safe to Take?

Acai berry has become the "in" thing in health supplements lately but because little has been known about it until recently so many people still need to ask, "How much acai berry is safe to consume?" While pure acai berry supplements should not cause any harm, it's still better to be safe than sorry especially if you have a medical condition that could affect your taking acai supplements. So first, identify who can give you the right dosage.

Who Should Advise Me of the Right Dosage?

Let's get one thing straight right away. Never take your advice from the internet when it comes to any dosage levels, even something as seemingly harmless as acai berry dosage. You should consult your doctor before you take acai berry just to be sure you have no allergies that may make the product dangerous. The average acai berry dosage that people take is between 1000 and 4000 mg. While there are many people on the internet who profess to be experts, even a doctor cannot give you a safe dosage without meeting you in person.

Can I Take Too Much Acai Berry?

You can take too much of just about everything. Although acai poses no real danger in terms of overdose, many supplements may contain additives that could be unhealthy in large quantities. However, even something as normally harmless as acai berry could cause stomach problems or diarrhea from taking too much. Unless you have allergies or take an absurd amount, you will likely be fine. But you should still take the recommended dosage on the bottle or the amount your doctor has suggested.

Are Some Acai Berry Supplements More Dangerous Than Others?

Not all acai berry supplements have the same composition. The high-quality supplements are those that contain nothing but pure acai harvested fresh from the rainforests of Brazil and freeze-dried immediately so as to retain all of the fruit's nutrients. When you go with these products, the odds are good that you will not experience any side effects. The problem is, there are so many products out there that are no longer made of pure acai but contain fillers. These additives are the ones that may cause adverse reactions in you so be careful when you make your choice.

Again, pure acai berry supplements do not have any observed side effects. However, if you want to stay on the safe side, the best thing you can do is to check with your physician or at the very least, follow the recommended dosage printed on the label of your product. Also, do your own research before signing up for any product. The quality of the supplement itself is as vital a factor as how much acai berry you should take.