A Reality Check on the Dr. Perricone-Acai Berry Endorsements

You have probably seen a few products out there with a Dr. Perricone acai berry endorsement on them. In fact, you may have seen quite a few of these product lines. But that leaves a person wondering why Dr. Perricone would endorse so many companies and their products. Especially when he has his own very successful product line. Not too long ago, Oprah's website made an official statement that neither she nor anyone on her show endorses any acai berry products. So what is the real story behind all of the claims and endorsements made by the celebrity doctor?

Why Dr. Perricone?

You may be wondering why Dr. Perricone is that target of these acai berry companies and what makes him different from any other doctor. If you don't already know, Dr. Perricone is somewhat of a celebrity doctor. He is a dermatologist by trade and has appeared as an anti-aging specialist on Oprah's show numerous times. While he is not vastly different from most doctors out there, his appearance on Oprah's show is enough to make him a driving force behind the sales of some products. His time on Oprah may also have something to do with the immense success of his own product line.

What Are Companies Claiming?

The claims vary from company to company. Most of the shady companies who feel the need to use celebrity endorsement are simply using the likeness of Dr. Perricone. Acai berry companies who do this without his permission, which is to say all of them, are being misleading to consumers and are not worth considering for your business. If you should find a company which claims that Dr. Perricone is backing them personally, you know immediately that this company is lying to you.

What is the Real Connection Between Dr. Perricone and Acai Berry?

There is none as far as endorsing specific acai supplement brands is concerned. Dr. Perricone does however, believe in the acai berry's potential health benefits and touts it as one the most nutritious fruits that can be found. And because he is an anti-aging expert, he has also studied the possible effects of consuming acai berry to aid in delaying the aging process. The fact that Dr. Perricone is convinced of the acai's potential has driven acai promoters to use his name in marketing their brands.

The long and the short of it is, there is no truth to any Dr. Perricone-acai berry endorsements you may see on some websites. Companies making such false claims are simply capitalizing on the doctor's celebrity in hopes of making more money. With Oprah and Dr. Perricone threatening to pursue companies that make these claims, you'll likely see less of them. Regardless, you now now that any company that claims there acai supplement is somehow endorsed by Dr. Perricone, you'll know the truth!