How to Cleanse Your Colon – The Trusted Step-By-Step Guide

I know that this may not be one of the most comfortable subjects for most people, but over on my blog where I cover the best deals for consumers on a wide range of products and services, learning how to cleanse your colon is definitely one of the most requested topics that people ask me to look into.

Ever since the good Doctor Oz appeared on Oprah and extolled the many benefits of colon cleansers, even those of us who may never have considered doing one started wanting to know more about it.

The incredible benefits, such as instant weight loss, and improved cholesterol, and healthier blood pressure, mean that colon cleansing is something anyone concerned about their health should consider.

But here's the problem with colon cleansing...

Basically, while the procedure itself is extraordinarily beneficial, the products that people choose to help them do it vary widely in terms of their safety and effectiveness. We're going to get to the specific products you should take a look at in just a second, but first we should discuss the overall procedure that's involved.

How to cleanse your colon -- a guide to supplements?

Essentially, there are really just two ways that the vast majority of people will use who want to do a colon cleansing...

1 -- you'll have to go to someone who will hook you up to a machine that will flush out your colon mechanically. Most of the time, you're going to have to watch as all that...uhh..."matter," is sucked out of your body and passes through a clear tube that allows you to get a first-hand look at exactly what's been building up in there for years.

Sure, this is effective, but in addition to that it's also very time-consuming, pretty expensive, and means you have to make an appointment to get to the practitioner's office at a time that may be inconvenient for you. But on the positive side, you can walk around town for the rest of your day with that amazing picture of all that junk flying by in your head.

2 -- You'll choose to do it yourself, at home. That's the way most people do it. It's much less expensive and has the added benefit of allowing you to perform the procedure when you want to do it, rather than having to schedule it around someone else's schedule.

Assuming that you do this yourself at home, the most prevalent method is going to be to get a colon cleanser that will just give a little assistance to your body to help it expel all of that stuff that's just sitting there right now -- basically, the colon cleanser will do the same job as the machine that we talked about above, but it will do it naturally and help your body do it for itself.

The way you'd actually perform the colon cleansing is quite simple. It's simple. Just go with the supplement you feel comfortable with, follow the structures on the label, and then await the results. What essentially happens is that the colon cleanser you're using will start to loosen up the impacted matter and help your body get rid of it. Most colon cleansing suppliers will say that you should plan on staying close to your bathroom for a short while the first time you take it just to make sure that you don't run into any accidents while the cleanser starts doing its job.

Now, it should be obvious that it's important that you only use colon cleansing products that have been proven to work. I know of some, for example, that are used by corporate CEOs and even some professional athletes, but I also know of some that are manufactured by companies that don't really have any background in producing a good colon cleanser.

So it's vital that you choose wisely, and we'll get to some of the tips to help you do just that in a second. But even before we do that, first let's discuss what a colon cleansing is, so you understand what you should expect.

All a colon cleansing really is, is just helping your body get rid of some of the impacted matter that it hasn't been able to expel naturally. For most people in our culture, because we eat a diet that is not very conducive to keeping our insides clean, we may have as much as 10 pounds of the stuff just lying in our gut by the time we're 20.

Look at it this way -- have you ever seen hamburger meat that's 15 years past its expiration date? Now just try and imagine that stuck in your colon.

How disgusting does that sound? Believe me when I tell you, it really is. I learned about all of this while I was researching the factors that would help somebody choose an effective colon cleanser. There is no way that I want to go into all the details, because I know that it will probably gross a lot of people out, but let's simply say that when you start flushing all of this junk out of your system, you're going to quickly see why it's been a little difficult for you to get those washboard abs.

It's a real awakening for a lot of people once they experience a colon cleanse and immediately find that they have a lot more energy, and have almost instantaneously lost some weight from their midsection.

Once you try it for yourself I guarantee you're going to be stunned.

Now, we can finally get to what you've patiently been waiting for -- a discussion on the specific colon cleansers that you probably want to think about using.