Discover How Fish Oil Supplements Can Help You

If you have been advised by a doctor to start taking fish oil supplements or just want to provide that extra health boost on your own, you may be worried about issues such as mercury content. Learning how to select a supplement properly can eliminate not only that worry, but a few others as well.

Whether you are eating fish fresh to get the oil or are going with a supplement, you need to consider the type of fish used and where it comes from. It turns out fish are not all equal.

Fish farms are now being used to get cheaper sources of fish both for fresh consumption and supplement purposes. This is surprising to many people who think that all fish just come straight from the ocean. So, what is the big deal? It has been discovered after testing that fish from these farms have more impurities than fish coming fresh from the ocean.

Also, you have to consider the type of fish that are used. Some fish such as tuna have higher mercury content than others.

While it is not as easy to find and may cost a little more, cod liver oil is one of the best options you can purchase. If purchased as a pure liquid it is even better.

Purity is another issue. Some cheaper supplements are very easy to find through local stores but they are likely higher in impurities and could pose more harm than good. While you don't necessarily have to find one that states it is pure on the label, you do want to do some research into brands and make sure you are buying one that is reasonably pure.

If you want the absolute best look for 100% pure cod liver oil. While it does not have the most appealing taste and is not as easy to get down as the large capsules that are typically taken, you will benefit from the extra health rewards.

If you are concerned about the taste of a liquid form or want to get your children to take it without a fight, consider mixing it into smoothies or milkshakes. Children will not even know it is in there! You can take frozen fruit and juice and add it into the blender for a very simple smoothie that is healthy for everyone.

Fish oil supplements are extremely beneficial to the mental and physical health of children and adults. If you do not eat fish at least two to three times every week, then this a supplement the entire family really needs.