Have A Colon Cleanse Diet And Live Longer

Unless having bad breath, fingernail and toe fungus, vaginal yeast infection, constipation, kidney or bladder infections and body odor are okay with you, then it is time to have a colon cleanse diet. To some who may think that it is simply a choice if you prefer to have a healthy body by eating less tasty but nutritional food over a happy life by enjoying eating just about anything, then the real choice is between growing old or dying young.

Studies show that many diseases start with the colon since it controls the bowel movement. The colon, also called the large intestines, is where the toxins can either be eliminated by having a healthy and clean colon or where the toxins will flow and reach the bloodstream as well as the liver, thereby polluting the whole system if the colon is unhealthy and clogged. A colon cleanse diet can be beneficial to a person to make sure that toxins do not get clogged or if it is already so, it will slowly be cleared from toxins and eventually become clean.

What is a colon cleanse diet? It is mainly about eating the proper and right types of food that cleans the colon and removes all waste in it. The general concept of the contents of colon cleanse diet is mainly plants. Its results include reduction of the possibilities of serious complications such as diabetes, heart complications, cancer and other new diseases.

A colon cleanse diet that is high in fiber should have the right amounts of food containing fibers that includes beans, vegetables, nuts, seeds, fruits and whole grain which are good in making the bowel soft as it allows the colon to stay moist. These foods allows for the clearing of the unwanted debris it the colon and a daily service of twenty to thirty five grams of this makes possible proper bowel movement. These types of food may be in the form of soluble and insoluble fiber foods which are vital in a colon cleanse diet. Some of the foods that are both soluble and insoluble are oats and flax seeds.

To be able to meet the daily fiber requirement of the body, it is best to consume about 5 or more servings of fruits and vegetables and about 6 or more servings of grains. To give you an idea, a cup of raw and leafy veggies or a half cup of fruit makes one serving. A slice of bread or a half cup cooked cereal, pasta or grain is equal to one serving.

More types of diets that are aimed in cleaning the colon and having a good bowel movement can be done. Some of the foods that are commonly taken to achieve such results are the green food, fermented food and the correct amount of water intake. The best way to live your life is by having a healthy lifestyle and the proper diet.