Five Biotin Hair Growth Tips to Grow Longer Healthier Hair

Many African-American women with curly black hair want to grow their hair longer and faster because it is naturally slower to grow. That's why we use biotin hair growth products. But I also know of many Caucasian and Asian girls that use these products for longer and healthier hair.

The easiest thing you can do is to start taking biotin hair growth supplements. Advise here is to start gradually. From my experience and what I have witnessed among other black women, 5000 mcg taken daily in two or more shots can increase your growth rate. It will also help your hair get thicker and look healthier. In all cases, results vary from one person to the other, and you should consult a professional to determine if you can or cannot take biotin supplements orally.

The next best secret is to co-wash your hair with a biotin hair growth conditioner. This technique uses conditioner as a replacement for shampoo when washing your hair, at least twice a week. Use fair amounts of conditioner to completely saturate your hair, leave it in for several minutes, then rinse. This should greatly increase the moisture in your hair.

When you do co-wash or apply oil to your hair in addition to other biotin hair growth products, use a silk cap overnight or for a few hours to retain a maximum amount of moisture. Make sure it is made of silk.

A good Biotin hair growth shampoo will be an additional help to grow thicker hair while making it look healthy. Make sure to get one without harsh ingredients so your hair can retain enough moisture without becoming dry and fragile.

Once a week, you can add pre-washing to your schedule. Coconut oil is what is most used. Make sure you put a cap over your hair for about thirty minutes if you do not use heat, fifteen if you do.

While I cannot predict how effective the tips mentioned here will be on you hair growth, I know that they are the more effective with an active metabolism and a healthy way of living. If you want to help your hair, do some exercising or sports, eat well and get a full night's sleep.

For us black women, try to avoid relaxing your hair too often, that is not more than once a month, as it will make your hair fragile. Although Biotin hair growth products will help your hair grow thicker, they will not make your hair indestructible, so keep being gentle with them.