Find Out The Many Faces of Tongkat Ali

In terms of discovering the many benefits of the herb Tongkat Ali, Europe and the U.S. are late arrivals on the scene. This is actually the case with many alternative medicines, which have been used throughput Asia and Africa for centuries.

About Tongkat Ali

Eurycoma Longifolia is the shrub-like tree that is more commonly known as Tongkat Ali or Longjack. The tree features distinctive pinnate evergreen leaves and large clusters of small flowers. At full maturity, the tree realizes a height of about ten feet. Both the male and female Tongkat Ali trees have the same medicinal value. The deforestation of many Southeast Asian countries has limited the availability of mature trees, leaving Indonesia as the primary source for today's Tongkat Ali roots.

A Labor Intensive Effort

Uncovering the mature two-meter roots of the Eurycoma Longifolia, is a slow labor-intensive effort. Only the Tongkat Ali roots provide medicinal value to the tree. Unfortunately, trees that are less than 20 years old are not mature enough to yield pharmaceutical benefits. As supply of the mature tress has become limited, some manufacturers are using younger trees.

Malaysian Experience

Although a protected tree in Malaysia, the Malaysian culture has long experimented and used the herb to treat a wide variety of health issues. For many years testing of the herb was confined to animals. Since the ZRT Laboratory release of the results of human testing, there is no doubt that Tongkat Ali increases the human testosterone level. However, the Malaysians have used the herb to treat other health deficiencies, such as poor circulation and high blood pressure, fever, fatigue, impotence and to enhance muscle growth. Tongkat Ali has also been specifically used to treat malaria and certain cancers.

Safe to Use

Tongkat Ali powder and Tongkat Ali extracts are all-natural products that produce few side effects. Light-headedness, restlessness and insomnia can accompany doses that are too strong. The simple remedy is to reduce the dosage. Tongkat Ali is non-habit forming. Users who take other medications may want to check with their physicians to understand the interactions of the herb with their current medications.

Tongkat Ali Products

Tongkat Ali powder in capsules is as popular as the Tongkat Ali extract. New tablets forms are also available. As the herb has a bitter taste, many users choose to dilute the tablets or liquid derivatives in tea or coffee. Certain manufacturers have begun to use alcohol as a preservative for the herbal products. The Tongkat Ali extract is the strongest herbal testosterone booster. All Tongkat Ali products require consistent intake to best serve the user.