Learn What it Means For You and Your Children – DHA Omega For the Brain and Mental Health

There has been a lot of debate whether natural multivitamins are safe or not. The truth is that there are indeed many products on the market today that are not safe at all, but they are in the minority and you would have to seek them out to find them.

I have been researching natural health for a long time and I have discovered that while there may be some natural multivitamin brands that are a waste of your money, there are also others that are amazingly powerful and will help you achieve a healthier and more happy life.

Fasting blood sugar is exactly what it sounds like - what your blood sugar levels are when you haven't eaten for a while (i.e. are fasted); this usually means an overnight fast. The researchers looked at 28 different randomized clinical trials (the best kind of studies for determining cause and effect) and found that fish oil supplementation yielded a wide range of results ranging from a 29mg/dL decrease to a 25mg/dL increase (yes you read that right - increase) in FBS.

The findings surrounding the effects of fish oil supplementation were just as exciting (or NOT exciting) in that here was a small but clinically insignificant impact on HbA1c. This means that from a statistical perspective there was an effect but the effect was so small that it wouldn't have an impact on your health/life.

You guessed it. DHA. At this point you might ask - why is it so important to have DHA and brain development? Won't the other omega 3 fats work? Good question. Some will but not as well. DHA is a complex molecule - remember, it is the longest-chain fatty acid. Practically, what this means is the body can convert it to simpler omega 3 acids when necessary. Simply put, complex to simple is easier for the body and your supplement should have more of it than anything else - including EPA or ALA [derived from plants].

A lot of people are unwilling to do their research, which is why natural supplements receive a bad reputation. The health benefits are there, you just have to find a proven product. If you want to learn more about what I use and recommend to my family and friends, visit my website.