Curious About Acai Berry Pulp? Now You Can Buy Frozen Acai!

Acai berries can't be come by in America and so the closest thing most Americans will be able to get is frozen acai berry pulp. The good news is it is every bit as healthy and delicious as the fresh berries themselves. If you have found yourself considering a trip to Brazil so you can try the incredible super fruit for yourself, you may be able to save a lot of time and money by simply buying a high-quality frozen pulp product!

How do acai supplements differ?

If you are getting into acai berry supplements for the first time, you may be a bit daunted by the different types available. For most supplements, you can only get capsule form. However, acai berries are a bit different in this respect. There is plenty to choose from when you decide to buy these supplements. You can still get powder-filled capsules, but you have many other options as well. Most companies offer drinks in the form of energy drinks or smoothies with acai added. While these can be delicious options, they may contain additives or fillers in the form of sugar and caffeine. If you are interested in only a pure product, there is another option you may like.

How does frozen acai berry pulp stand out from the other alternatives?

The pulp is actually the only edible part of the acai. When this pulp is subjected to the freeze-drying technique and shipped to other parts of the world as frozen acai pulp, you can pretty much try it in a variety of ways. Acai Roots is one of the most reliable companies that process and sell frozen pulp. When you try their different supplements, you are assured of a high-quality and organic product, that is dairy-free, and contains the highest level of antioxidants.

Where Can I Get the Best Acai Products?

It can be hard to find a good supplement, but finding a good company is nearly impossible. Fortunately, there are a select few companies that offer high-quality products. Look for companies that sell only wild-harvested and certified organic acai supplements and products. You should also look for those companies that give back to the Brazilian community where they are getting their acai from! As an example, some companies will donate a portion of their proceeds to the workers who actually harvest the berries. They will also make efforts to protect the trees from which the berries grow on.

When choosing the best acai supplements, only honest companies with sound business practices should do. This is the only way that you are guaranteed of products which give you value for your money. If you want to try frozen acai berry pulp, only trusted companies also have the best-tasting and nutritious berry pulp.