Colloidal Silver May Be Able To Give You A health Boost

Silver colloidal is one of the world's growing health trends this year; in fact a lot of online and local health food stores carry products that have silver colloidal in them. Silver colloidal usually comes in a form of a liquid or suspension. The microscopic particles of silver are manufactured with pure or distilled water in a controlled environment. There is such a vast body of medical and individual reports on its effectiveness in killing bacteria over such a long period of time that it would be very difficult not to take the potential beneficial effects of this material seriously.

Very little is precisely known about how the silver colloid manages to kill bacteria, whether it is because the particles are electrically charged and attach to the bacteria and compete with sites that would normally attach to and impair the function of the CD4 cells in the body's immune system, or maybe they interact with the microorganism's enzyme systems and control its growth or reproduction capabilities, it is not certain. But whatever the mechanism by which the silver colloid is effective there is a vast amount of data, much of which has come from professional or medical sources, that Silver colloidal can be exceptionally effective in controlling infection and relieving or sharing the load on the immune system during infectious episodes.

By augmenting the body's immune system, a person becomes more equipped to fight off diseases and illnesses if the silver colloid is killing off bacteria, germs, parasites, pathogens and in some cases viruses.
For many years, silver colloidal has been used by medical professionals to treat external infections like burns, wounds, scratches and many other skin ailments. In some cases, professionals also use medical dressings that have nano-crystalline silver embedded to treat burn wounds and other infection prone body surfaces. Lots of medical equipment also uses silver or silver colloidal in them; like catheters. By having an antibacterial material, like silver colloidal, in catheters, doctors can prevent further infections and complications. It has also been extensively used in eye drops that are used to treat conjunctivitis.

Not only is silver colloidal known to treat infections for wounds and burns, it has also antibacterial properties that have been reported as being very effective in treating several diseases. Some of these diseases include leukemia, HIV/AIDS, staphylococcus infections, intestinal and digestive infections, and even viral infections.
Interestingly a study conducted in 1990 by the Albert Einstein College of Medicine prove diseases caused by microorganisms such as bacteria, microbes, germs, pathogens, parasites, and viruses can be prevented and even eliminated through electrification of the bloodstream. The study showed that by running a mild current through the bloodstream, around 50 to 100 microamperes, can purify the blood and get rid of the alien microorganisms that are thriving on it. This work which was done in 1990 does not seem to have been followed up - it almost seems to have disappeared. Most importantly what it does show is that there do appear to be treatments that eliminate harmful cells in the blood stream and are effective with a wide spectrum of alien bacteria. It seems entirely possible that silver colloid could effect a similar blanket treatment for a very wide range of infection - the extensive reports in this area would seem to indicate that it is indeed more than just a possibility. For a variety of reasons neither of these treatments would be likely candidates to be taken up by pharmaceutical companies as amongst other things it would be difficult to establish a proprietary position and would be an inexpensive competitor to existing treatments.
Research on silver colloidal also shows that it can be effective in treating and managing viral diseases like HIV.

Silver colloidal is effective in controlling to an extent the effects of HIV because it probably prevents the virus from attaching to the body immune system cells in the bloodstream and reproducing. It is a difficult problem to address because the HIV virus is not predominantly in the blood stream, only 2% approximately, and therefore not readily accessible for bloodstream treatment. But where HIV patients' condition has worsened to the AIDS stage and the body has developed a weak immune system indicated by a low CD4 count, then Silver colloidal can be a very effective treatment method against infections and complications that arise during the fatal development stage of AIDS. By controlling the life threatening opportunistic infections that will undoubtedly occur during AIDS and at least giving the overloaded and damaged immune system a bit of support, then it may be expected that life can be extended and in some cases returned to normal functionality.
There appear many health benefits to silver colloidal; probably the most important being that it seems to work in conjunction with a person's immune system, decreasing one's chances of getting sick. It also prevents complications from developing from patients who are already infected with viruses or are sick with cancer or HIV/AIDS.